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[Review] 18 Features We Launched in May and June

New Features

Two months back we released a post covering the 18 Features SamCart Launched in April, and today’s post covers 18 more that were released in May and June. This list contains some of the most exciting features we’ve ever released at SamCart.

So let’s jump right in…

1. A/B Testing on Your Checkout Page!

This is (in my opinion) the most important feature we’ve ever released inside SamCart.

Starting today, you can split test your checkout page so you can see which elements increase your checkout page’s conversion, and in turn, directly increase your profits.

The cool part is, it’s built right into SamCart, and you can create a split test with just 4 clicks…


Now you can test any element on your checkout page like:

  • Which product description boost sales
  • Which testimonials boost sales
  • Which guarantee boost sales
  • Which checkout page design boost sales
  • Which required fields boost sales
  • and a whole lot more…

Here’s a quick example where I created a checkout page for my product and wanted to see if using bullet points on the right sidebar would increase sales over using testimonials. I also wanted to see if removing the required “Billing Address” would increase sales too. Here’s “Version A” of this test…


…and here’s “Version B” where I’m using testimonials on the right sidebar and I’ve also removed the required billing address….


And because the results are build right into SamCart, half of my potential customers will see “Version A” and half will see “Version B”…and the results will tell me which version will end up making me more money. As you can see, “Version A” (aka the “control”) had a higher conversion in this small sample size.


We are so excited to see what you start split testing with SamCart. It’s going to be an exciting couple months as we all start to figure out what specific elements of the ‘checkout page’ lead to the most sales.

And don’t worry…we’ll report our findings as we move along so you can apply them to your business.

2. Accept Payments with PayPal!

After a long wait, PayPal is finally here. With a simple On/Off switch in the SamCart app, you can start to collect payments with PayPal.

Right now, it’s a pretty basic integration, but we’re working hard so that you’ll be able to also sell subscription products and 1-click upsells with PayPal. (right now you can only sell 1-time payment products)


3. Use SamCart with Ontraport

If you’re an Ontraport user, you can now use SamCart’s beautiful checkout page templates to sell your products.

Your customer’s information will be sent directly into Ontraport with the correct tags applied so you can trigger automated marketing campaigns just like you do now…but with the added benefit of using 1-click upsells, easy integrations with other tools, beautiful reporting, and of course, high-converting checkout page designs that you can tweak on the fly.

4. The New Products Page Design

As you setup all your different products to sell through SamCart, we would generate a list (see below) of each one. This list showed you the Product’s Name, Description, and Price…with buttons for duplicating and deleting any products you had setup previously.


Well, I’m a pretty visual person…and when we would use shopping carts in the past, we always wanted a more visual approach to managing all the products we sold.

Introducing, the new Products page design…


As you can see above, it’s much more visual now. We let you see each product by displaying the product image front and center. And now, with a simple mouse-over, you can check that products Sales Stats…grab your checkout page link so you can promote it…and easily Edit, Duplicate, or Delete the product.

We think this is much easier way to manage all the different products you sell, and we hope you think so too.

5. Easier Upsell Video Embedding

We made strides last month towards making it easier to create 1-click upsell pages.

While you’re still limited to using the WYSIWYG editor to insert text and images, we know most of you like to use videos on your upsell pages.

That’s why we built an easier way to embed videos into your upsell pages. Now you can choose between YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or Amazon S3…and just paste in the URL to your video. You can also choose to make your video Small, Medium or Large…and also whether you want to position it at the top or bottom of your upsell page.

You can also choose if you want your video to autoplay, which we recommend because it typically increases the conversion of your checkout page, directly leading to you increasing profits.


We’re a long way from where we want to be as far as creating upsell pages go, but this was a big push forward toward making your life easier inside SamCart.

6. The New OptimizeMember Integration

If you use OptimizeMember to create your online membership sites, now you can automatically create accounts (logins and passwords) for your new customers, so they don’t have to.

We’ve seen a significant decrease in customer support requests because of these membership site integrations, because your customers all get their accounts right away.

OptimizeMember SamCart Integration

We’re excited to see tons of OPMember customers starting to use SamCart because of this partnership.

7. Automatic “Dunning” Emails That Capture Lost Sales

If you’re selling subscription products through SamCart, the process of collecting payments from delinquent or unpaid customers is pretty important. This is typically referred to as the “dunning” process. Now, inside SamCart, these emails go out automatically, attempting to collect money for you.

We send out 3 emails a few days apart, giving your delinquent customers a super easy way to update their expired or maxed out credit cards.

8. Vote for Features

If you’re a SamCart customer, we now have a way for you to tell us what features you want. We added a new button onto the top navigation bar that will take you directly to this new feature request area…


Just submit any idea you can think of, and vote on ideas other users have submitted too. You can 10 votes to spread out between any number of requests, so you can make sure your voice is heard.


Plus, we can update certain requests so you know if a particular feature has been started on, completed, or is still on the short-list.

9. Easily Manage Your Subscriptions

Now, directly inside SamCart, you can manage all of your subscriptions. If you’re selling subscription or recurring products, it used to be a nightmare to update customer’s credit cards, issue refunds, cancel subscriptions, etc.

Now, it’s much easier. Here’s what an “Active” subscription’s profile will look like now:

You can see the customer’s name and address, along with when they started their subscription, and all of their past successful (and unsuccessful) payments. You can also issue refunds on particular payments, cancel their subscription all together, and update their card on file.


Here’s what it looks like when you click on “Update Card.” This feature lets you update their credit card manually if you’re speaking with your customer directly. If the customer wants to do it on their own, SamCart automatically sends them an email with a link where they can do that.


When a customer’s subscription is failed or “past due,” this is what the page looks like. You can see all of the customer’s information just like before, as well as a history of all their failed payments.


10. Change Checkout Page Templates with 1 Click

We’ve simplified the process of choosing what checkout page template you want to use for a particular products. Now you can easily preview a template’s design before assigning it to your product, and activate it with one click.


11. Setup Products Even Faster

We moved a lot of the more advanced settings into an “Advanced” tab inside each product.

Most of these settings you don’t even need to worry about, so we decided to just hide them all together, so you’re not overwhelmed when you’re setting up your products.

Now you’ll be able to focus on the things that matter like your products Name, Price, URL, Description, and Product Image.


12. The Easy Search Bar

This is one of my favorite new features. As you might know, as you add more and more products to your businesses product suite…you’re normally stuck with cluttering up your shopping cart.

Well, now that problem is solved because you can quickly find any product you’re looking for either by typing it’s name or price.

The beautiful thing is, our new Search/Filtering feature automatically sorts through your products as you type…so there’s no waiting for the page to load every time you search.


13. Even More Advanced Integrations

When we first released SamCart, you were able to add customer’s to specific email lists inside your email marketing platform (e.g. Aweber, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, etc).

The problem was, you could only add them to a single list when they purchase a product.

But what about when they refund? What about when the cancel a subscription? What about when their credit card fails, expires, or declines? What about when you successfully recover a failed payment?

SamCart knows when all of these actions occur, and we should empower you to create marketing campaigns around those events. Well, now you can.

Now you can add a customer to a list, or apply a tag, when any of those events occur.


Imagine being able to add a customer to a “Recovery Campaign” that sends them automated emails when if they refund, asking them for feedback on why they decided to return their product. Now you can.

Click here to see a list of all the tools we’re integrated with.

14. Turn On or Off Payment Types

Now that you can accept credit cards and PayPal with SamCart, we wanted to give you the freedom to decide which options you allow for each individual product.

With one click of the mouse, you can now turn on or off the PayPal or Credit Card fields on your SamCart checkout pages.


15. Tons of New Training Videos

We’ve recorded new training videos for many of the new features we’ve added to SamCart over the past couple months, and created Quick-Start Guides that will help you get started selling your products fast.

If you’re a beginner online, these video tutorials will not only help you get setup with SamCart, but also give you the clarity you need to start marketing your business online effectively.

16. Easy Order Exports

Now you can easily export all of your order information within SamCart. This is especially helpful if you’re selling physical goods and you need to send a CSV to your fulfillment house so they can deliver the right product to the right customer.

17. The New MemberMouse Integration

If you use MemberMouse to create your online membership sites, now you can automatically create accounts (logins and passwords) for your new customers, so they don’t have to.

We’ve seen a significant decrease in customer support requests because of these membership site integrations, because your customers all get their accounts right away.

18. The SamCart Referral Program

Want to share SamCart with your friends and get paid for it? Now you can.

Our referral program is ready to go so you can earn commissions for anyone you share SamCart with. The best part is you get paid every single month that they stay an active user.


Want to sign up to become an affiliate? Click here now.

What We’re Wrapping Up…

There’s a few more major features we’re right in the middle of, so I figured I’d hint at them so you knew what’s right around the corner.

If you’re looking for a hard date for when these will be released…keep on looking. We’ve learned our lesson from promising dates…and the last thing we want to do is promise a specific date then fail to meet it for ya. But trust us, we’re just as anxious to get these ready as you are. (we use SamCart for our other businesses so we’re customers just like you)

Here’s a list of what’s right around the corner…

1. Digital Downloads

Want to easily upload your digital products and have us deliver them seamlessly for you?

Well, now you’ll be able to. With this new feature, you’ll be able to upload any digital file you’re selling into SamCart, and your customers will be securely delivered what they bought as soon as they buy it, without you worrying about dealing with support issues or non-customers being able to access the files…more on that in another post coming soon.

2. The Affiliate Center

Want your affiliates to be able to sell your products for you?

Soon you’ll be able to. We’re building the best affiliate platform that I’ve personally ever seen, and your affiliates will love you for it. You’ll be able to easily recruit new affiliates and provide them with all the resources they need to be able to send you a ton of customers.

There’s a ton more that I can’t talk about just yet, but stay tuned.

3. The New Dashboard

We’re hard at work giving the current dashboard an update. With this new dashboard, you’ll be able to see the stats that are most important to you and your business, anytime you need them. Take a look at the preliminary designs below…


There’s a ton of cool stuff this dashboard will be able to do, that’s unlike any reporting tool you’ve ever used before…more on that later.

Ready to Boost Your Sales?

Most likely, whatever tool you’re using to collect payments online, is falling way short for you. Most likely, you’re pretty frustrated with whatever tool you’re using to sell products, setup upsells, or check the critical stats you need to stay profitable.

With SamCart, those days are over. If you’re ready to give it a shot, click here to test drive SamCart 100% free for 14 days.

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions about SamCart or how it will help you boost sales online, click here now.

COMMENT: Want to see something specific on this list? Comment below now and let us know what you’d like to see next inside SamCart.

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