SamCart Takeover: Vanessa Lau

March 11, 2022
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On this SamCart Takeover, we’re looking at Vanessa Lau, the entrepreneur helping content creators productize their genius and become digital CEOs.

Vanessa Lau YouTube

Vanessa is a "corporate escapee" who quit while climbing up the ladder in 2018. She later went on to work part-time in a coffee shop and is now a seven-figure CEO with over 700,000 followers online. This SamCart Takeover has got some interesting layers to it. One thing we love about Vanessa is her transparency when it comes to her business. It is not unusual for her to share her high and low moments. We’re hoping she has fewer low moments. That’s why we’re taking over. We’ve made her a clean and minimalistic sales page we made for her with SamCart. Check it out here.

Vanessa is a juggernaut on YouTube and Instagram. She's leaning more into vlog-style content, which makes you feel like you’re sitting next to her.

Vanessa Lau Monetization

We went over to her website, looked around, and quickly noticed one thing.

Vanessa Lau Can't Buy

There’s nothing to buy. There are links to her blog, podcast, and tools that she recommends among others. There’s also a link to register for a free training that takes you to another website. Her main course, Bossgram Academy, lives on another website. Vanessa also offers links on her Instagram but none go directly to a sales page.

Vanessa Lau Products

It’s great she offers her own products and doesn’t rely solely on revenue from YouTube and Instagram, but we think they should be much easier to get to.

Avoid All in One Handcuffs

Vanessa is using a ton of tools for her business. Some of them are some of the best at what they specialize in.

Vanessa Lau All in One

Some platforms try to do everything. That can seem enticing to some online entrepreneurs. However, most platforms that try to do everything are average at everything they do.

Vanessa Lau All in None

Avoid the Scaling Ceiling

We haven’t taken Vanessa’s Bossgram Academy course, but she knows her stuff, so we imagine it’s probably pretty good, but there’s one thing that might scare people. The price tag…$997. We’re not saying she should lower the price or that it’s not worth it. But going from a free offer to a $997 course may be a bit much for some people. It’s like going for coffee on a first date with someone and then showing up with a wedding ring on the second date. This can cause people to pump the breaks, and stop that relationship from going any further. The great thing about Vanessa is that she is a prolific creator who can create other offers to introduce people to her world of products, courses, and services. It’s key to get people in the door so they can shop around.

Vanessa Lau Initial Offer to Larger Offer

We’re not suggesting she not offer her Bossgram course. We think she could benefit by creating an additional product, course, or service that’s even more expensive. But we think she should ease people down this road. She should offer at least one product that’s much more affordable. This could increase her customer list and the lifetime value of each customer.

Your Customer List is Your Biggest Asset

We would increase Vanessa's customer list by adding a few lower-priced offers that provide value for her customers.

Vanessa Lau LTV 3000

Vanessa could increase her Average Order Value with Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells. It's like a restaurant server offering drinks, appetizers, the main course, dessert, coffee, etc.

Vanessa Lau Order Bumps

It all starts to add up, and what's great about email receipts after a purchase is made is that they have magnificent open rates. With SamCart Vanessa could make other offers inside those emails, too. Throw in Course Cross-Sells, and Vanessa could advertise her other courses and products to her students from within their already purchased courses using the payment method from their original order in just a couple of clicks. That’s boss! It’s been refreshing to witness Vanessa’s journey as an entrepreneur, the highs, the lows. It’s one of many reasons why we want to make sure she never has to create content about not hitting her goals. Check out other SamCart Takeovers here.

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