SamCart Takeover: Julius Dein

March 1, 2022

In this SamCart Takeover, we’re making magic with Julius Dein, a world-renowned social media magician & entrepreneur. We came up with some new tricks for his 65 million followers across all of his platforms.

Julius Dein Facebook

Julius Dein is one of Facebook/Meta’s (we’ll refer to them as Meta throughout the rest of this post) most successful creators of all time. He’s the type of person Meta executives might call for advice on how to get the most from their own platform. That’s not a joke. We’re also not laughing when it comes to Julian’s strategy for maximizing his revenue with an online business. That’s why we’re taking over, and we’re starting with a beautiful sales page we made with SamCart. Check it out here.

Julius’ views across his platforms are in the billions. And they come in fast.

Julius Dein Views

Getting views is great. However, anyone who knows about monetizing on platforms like YouTube and Instagram will tell you that views don’t guarantee revenue. Creators, even those with billions of views, need to have more than one revenue stream because when you rely heavily on one platform, things can change overnight, and that’s one of the glaring issues we have with Julius’ content mega factory.

Julius Can Lose it all in a Day

We estimate that this is what Julian’s revenue streams might look like.

Julius Dein Revenue

Before the pandemic, Julius may have relied less on video because he was doing live shows, but the pandemic shifted his priorities as it did for many creators. The percentage of Julius’ revenue coming from Facebook video should set off major red flags. That’s way too much dependence and trust on one platform. We believe Julius should take control and own his selling machine the same way SamCart’s top creators do. This is how the real magic happens.

SamCart Top Creator Revenue

Julius and his team can sometimes push boundaries in his videos so there’s always a possibility things could get out of hand. Couple that with a malicious hacker, or a Meta executive who might be having a bad day, and Julius’ platform could disappear overnight.

Julius is not Pushing his Products

Julius has no direct links to any sales pages on any of his social media profiles only links to other profiles or to contact his management.

Julius Dein Not Pushing Products

You can tell a lot about a creator and their strategy by what links are in their bio. Why would Julius not direct people directly to a product? The link in someone’s bio is the most vital piece of real estate on someone’s social media profile. Julius doesn’t offer a single link on his Instagram profile. Perhaps that’s done purposely to keep people on his Instagram profile. Maybe that’s part of an agreement with Meta, but with that, he’s failing to send people directly to a product, and he’s missing out on sales.

Julius Should be Anti-website

Julius offers a “Become the Life of the Party with Magic” course on The offer seems pretty standard.

Julius Dein Generic Offer

He offers other courses, but they’re not easily accessible from the previous link. Julius’ other magic courses are on The look and feel of this link are different, and now the courses are competing against each other. This is another example of why we’re anti-website. We have a great example of why we’re anti-website in this SamCart Takeover with Chris Do of The Futur. Audiences can be fickle, especially in the lightning-fast world of platforms like Instagram, where you have seconds to make an impact. We think Julius could benefit by not just selling a course on how to become the “life of the party” with all these great tricks but by offering the option for people to learn just one trick at a time for a low price.

Julius Dein SamCart Page

This would create impulse purchases and lead people down the rabbit hole of Julius’ world of other products, courses, and services.

Julius Dein One Trick One Course

Customers could add as much as they want to their orders with tools like Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells, and later with Course Cross-Sells ™ whenever students log into their purchased courses without them having to input their payment information again.

Julius Dein with SamCart

With an audience of over 65 million, even average conversion rates would bring in magical revenue for Julius.

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