Live Recap: Product Gifting

December 17, 2021
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Live Recap: Product Gifting

In June SamCart launched Product Gifting, making it super easy for customers to give your products as gifts. There’s never a bad time to give someone a gift, but it’s especially fitting during the holidays. Most businesses tend to ramp up sales efforts during this time of year. Product Gifting is pretty straightforward. In a recent recent livestream, SamCart cofounder, Scott Moran and videographer, Jordan Anderson went over some great tips and tricks to consider if you think this feature might be for you. We’ll touch on some of the highlights. However, we highly recommend watching it from beginning to end.

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What is Product Gifting?

SamCart’s Product Gifting feature adds a checkbox to an order making it possible for customers to gift any product, course, service…even a subscription. Customers can add the recipient’s name and email address, and they’re good to go. They can even add a personalized message for the recipient if they want. It’s an effective, lightweight feature that doesn’t slow down your checkout process. Customers can also gift free trials. So once a free trial is over, the person giving the gift doesn’t have to continue paying for it. The gift recipient can choose to keep paying once the free trial is over. Product Gifting gives you the opportunity to open up a whole new channel of sales, and possibly get two (or more) customers from one initial sale. You can make it so that customers can buy something for themselves, and buy Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells as gifts.

Which SamCart plans have Product Gifting?

Product Gifting is included with every SamCart plan.

What happens after a product is gifted?

The gift recipient will receive a link via email to access the gift. You can add links to any other products, courses or services you sell, so you create more opportunities for people to buy. With SamCart’s integration you can create custom emails that get sent to gift recipients. Here you can mention that someone sent them a gift, and give the recipient some context and more information about your business. Point them to your blog, YouTube channel, social media profiles or to your sales page, and create more opportunities for them to buy.

Should I avoid gifting certain products?

You could gift just about anything, but we recommend gifting things that can be easily fulfilled, namely, digital products. Let’s say you’re gifting tickets to a live event but the seller accidentally left the gifting option on and oversold it. You don’t want to leave people out in the cold. Live events can also have sudden changes as to how many people are allowed in a venue for health reasons. Physical products can run out, or have shipping delays, etc.

Give the gift of Product Gifting all year long!

All it takes is two clicks to set up Product Gifting! Read: How to set up Product Gifting Happy Holidays!

It's always gifting season!

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