iContact Users: List Segmentation Made Easy!

May 27, 2014
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If you want a surefire way to piss off your customers and limit your success online, then stick with your current shopping cart. I'm serious. There's nothing that irritates your customers more than receiving an email promotion for a product or service they already bought from you. Yet, that's exactly what happens if you don't segment your email list. The problem is most shopping cart systems make list segmentation impossible. That's because they really don't understand marketing. Let me ask you this... If you sell products using:

  • PayPal
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • ClickBank
  • etc...

How do you automatically add your customer's email address to your "customer list" that you created inside of your iContact account? That's right, you don't! What a rip! I mean, c'mon... how hard would it be for these guys to implement this feature and make it easier on us? Whatever. I got sick of it and that's why I built SamCart™. And list segmentation was one of the very first features I had my world class dev team build. Your customer list is worth 10X more than your "leads" or "prospect" list, so why would you want a shopping cart system that doesn't make list segmentation a top priority? If you want an easy, automatic way, to add your new customers to your "customer only" list, while simultaneously removing them from your "leads only" list, then look no further. SamCart™ gives you this ability and so much more!

Let me walk you through how list segmentation works with SamCart.

You start by creating 2 lists inside your iContact account:

  1. Leads list + follow-up campaign. This is the list that your new leads will be added to when they opt-in for your lead magnet (i.e freebie). Your follow-up email campaign will likely consist of good quality pre-sell content to warm up your leads so they buy your stuff.
  2. Customer list + follow-up campaign. This is the list your new customers will be added to after they buy your product. The follow-up campaign for your customers will likely consist of emails encouraging them to consume the product they just bought from you. Plus, some future "customer only" promos down the road.

Once you have your 2 lists created inside your iContact account, SamCart™ automatically handles the list segmentation. When one of your leads buys your product they are automatically taken off your leads list and added to your customer list. This happens in the background without any further action from you or your new customer. Get a SamCart™ account here Then follow these directions to link your iContact account with SamCart™

1.) Click Settings > Email List Integration


2.) Add Your iContact App ID, Username, Password


3.) Click Save Changes


4.) Click Products > Then Click Your Product


5.) Click Email Integration


6.) Select List To Add Customer To (top) Then Select List To Remove Customer From (bottom)


7.) Click Save Changes


It doesn't get any easier than that! If you're ready to make list segmentation easy, take SamCart™ for a test drive today! Have an awesome day! - Brian

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