How to Drill Deep to Find Oil and Carve Out Your Niche

May 9, 2023

Riches are in the niches.

Even the best creators fall short on positioning, messaging, marketing, and selling when they haven’t dug deep enough to find the right niche. When you’re too shallow in the areas that matter, you can expect to see shallow results.

Creator CEOs, on the other hand, drill deep to find the oil. They uncover insights about their customers and use those to not just carve out space in the industry, but rather create a new space entirely and stand out from the crowd.

We Will Drill Deep to Find Oil is the first law of our new book, “18 Laws of a Creator CEO”. Whether you’re a seasoned Creator CEO hoping to reinforce your business and scale to even bigger heights, or you’re a creator hoping to turn those first sales into your first millions, download your own free copy of “18 Laws of a Creator CEO” to see what separates true Creator CEOs from the everyday hobbyists.

Let’s dive more into the first law, We Will Drill Deep to Find Oil:

What it means to really drill deep

It can be downright detrimental to your business to waste time competing in a crowded arena. Even the most simple shifts to your positioning and messaging can mean the difference between appealing to some versus none.

The table below (from our “18 Laws of a Creator CEO” book” shows how the smallest changes will take you from the shallow end to the depths of your business’ potential:

Staying Shallow --> Drilling Deep

Graphic Designer --> Conversion-Focused Graphic Design

Fitness Coach --> Working Mom’s Fitness Coach

Gardening Expert --> Homesteading Gardening Expert

Advertising Agency --> Real Estate Pro’s Advertising Agency

Social Media Expert --> CPG Brand Social Media Expert

When you drill deeper, carve out a niche, and ultimately create fewer, better products that address the problems within that niche, you build an authority and credibility you wouldn't have otherwise been able to. That means customers will seek you out and buy your products before anyone else’s.

Drill deeper, find oil

It makes sense – find a niche, lean into it, create products for it. But how do we actually go about achieving that?

We explore this topic more in “18 Laws of a Creator CEO”, but here are a few ways you can actually drill deeper into your business and your customer base:

  • Evaluate your current positioning
  • Dig into audience insights
  • Understand why people are drawn to your best-selling products
  • Re-define your niche by drilling down into your target market
  • Define unique subsets (and subsets within those) that exist within your target audience

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though – there are 17 more laws to cover then put into practice in your efforts to become or maintain Creator CEO status. 

We’re giving away the goods for free when you download “18 Laws of a Creator CEO” by clicking here.

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