My 7 Favorite Zapier Automations For SamCart

July 11, 2017

SamCart is all about keeping your business simple, and winning back your time from over-complicated tech stuff. Which is why SamCart customers love to integrate with Zapier.  For the uninitiated, Zapier is a tool that lets you connect tools that don't normally work together. It allows you to create rules (which they call "Zaps") so when a "trigger" event happens in one tool, an "action" is run in a second tool.  So you can create custom automations like this one. When a new order is placed in SamCart, send a text to your phone!  

Connect SamCart to Zapier, and you can run actions inside of other tools when any of the following "triggers" happen inside of SamCart...

  • A New Order Is Placed
  • A Refund Is Processed
  • A Subscription Is Cancelled

With three different SamCart "triggers" to choose from (with more on the way), and hundreds of other apps to connect with, there are a ton of possibilities here.  But to help narrow it down, we're going to outline 7 of our favorite SamCart + Zapier shortcuts that help you automate everything, get more done, and win back your own time.

1: Automatically Enroll Customers Into Online Courses

If you're selling digital courses, SamCart can help you take the pain out of protecting your hard work while making sure customers get exactly what they need.  With built-in integrations with WishList Member, Optimize Member, and more; SamCart works to automatically enroll your new customers directly into the courses they purchase.  Well with Zapier, you can also connect to tools like Teachable, Kajabi, & Thinkific!  

Create custom Zaps to give your new customers access to your online courses, and they will get access the moment they complete their order.  Once a customer leaves a checkout page, they get an email to choose a password. Once they login, all the content they've bought is waiting for them in your Member's Area!  Super simple. Saves hours of your time. Happy customers always get exactly what they need.  You can even create a Zap to do the reverse. If a customer refunds their purchase, or cancels a subscription, remove their access so your content is always perfectly protected.  

2: Fulfill Orders With ShipStation

If you're selling physical products, then you understand it is crucial to deliver your products on time.  Order fulfillment is a big deal, and your entire business depends on doing it well. Enter ShipStation.  Create a zap that takes orders placed in SamCart, and creates new orders in ShipStation to be fulfilled. You don't have to lift a finger to get your products shipped.  

 ShipStation helps you print shipping labels, provide tracking numbers, and keep your customers in the loop about their order.  Whether you are shipping yourself, or looking for a partner to ship orders for you (aka "Dropshipping"), ShipStation can help you get it done.  Manage all of your shipments. Get orders out the door on time. Thrill your customers. All with this easy two step automation.

3: Keep Your Team In The Loop

Here's one that we use all the time. Everyone wants to know when they are making money, right?  Well here is an easy way to make sure you get the notifications you want, so you and your team are always on the same page.  When a new order is placed, send out notifications using any combination of email, text, or chat tools like Slack.  

 Our marketing team uses Slack channel messages from Zapier to send custom welcome messages to new customers. Inside of Zapier, you can use the customer's information to create custom messages....  

 So your Slack messages are personal to the specific custom, and your team can provide a nice touch on the customer service side.  

 Personally welcome your high value customers. Keep your team notified of new sales. Or enjoy the constant stream of texts during a big promotion.

4: Track Your Customers' History

In the SamCart office, we communicate with our customers & subscribers in a unique way. Instead of just blasting the same messages to everyone at the same time (regardless of what they are interested in or where they are with SamCart), we like to get targeted.  We rely on Intercom to help us track what actions customers have taken inside of our tool, how often someone visits our site, the types of training they respond to the best, and more.  Which is exactly why you should use Zapier to send information into your customer communication hubs like Intercom, Drift, and Help Scout.  

 When a customer opens a new SamCart account, we add them as a new User in Intercom. We also add tags that tell us what plan they subscribed to, and if they purchased any upsells.  With one zap, we can put all of the customer's information right into Intercom. Which allows us to talk to that customer like an individual person, and not just a face in the crowd.

5: Give Customers A Personal Touch

Typing that out felt creepy. Just to be clear, I'm not advocating touching your customers. I am advocating that you find ways to go above and beyond for them.  And that's exactly what you can do with Call Loop and Thankster.  Call Loop is a text message service that allows you to send customized messages. When a new order is placed, you can run a zap that sends a personalized text to your new customer.  

 Pull in info from their SamCart order to really amp up the personal touch, and give your customers a welcome that will help your brand stand out from the crowd.  Now Thankster offers a different option. Use Zapier to send new customers a handwritten note through Thankster.  

 Thankster will fire off handwritten notes that you get to customize. Pull in your new customer's name, the product they purchased, and more as you crank up the personal touch to 11.

6: Handle Your Accounting

Keeping the books is often a job that falls on the wrong shoulders. Odds are, you don't have your own accountant. And I'd bet plenty that you didn't start your business thinking about making sure your accounting was done perfectly either...  You got into this because you're passionate, and you wanted to make something awesome. So let me help you take some of the pressure off and show you three zaps that can wrangle your accounting together.  

 Create zaps that will send any new order, and any new refund directly to accounting tools like Quickbooks or Xero.  Quickbooks will fill up with your sales history. And the information will be complete with product names, full customer information, dates, sales totals, and more.  Even refunds will be reported as credits, meaning your accounting work is done for you. You can run reports, find your best selling products, uncover high value customers, and most importantly...stay in line with paying taxes!  You can also add this info directly into a Google Sheet. Plenty of SamCart customers opt for putting all new orders and refunds into a Google Sheet, in lieu of having a tool like Quickbooks do some of the work.  Your Google Sheet can be completely customized using the information SamCart passes along, and that information is in your hands whenever you need it.  Keep in mind, if you sell subscription products, recurring charges do not yet have their own Zap. So you'll need to pull information about subscription charges from SamCart or your payment processor when tax time rolls around.  But never fear, we're on the case and a recurring charge trigger will be coming your way.

7: Create An Event On Your Calendar

Here's a simple one that gets used a ton. Add an event to your Google Calendar when a new order is placed.  

 This is particular popular with SamCart users who offer services like building websites, running ad campaigns, business coaching, etc. When a customer buys what is usually their most expensive product, they create a google event to kick off the service.  You can invite the customer to the event automatically, so your high-paying clients are never waiting around wondering when you will get back to them.

Bonus: Add Orders To InfusionSoft

Alright one more for good measure. We don't use this one ourselves, but it's a popular one.  You can use a Zap to add your SamCart order directly into InfusionSoft. Plenty of people like to have their sales totals inside of InfusionSoft to help with other automations they run.  So you can add all new orders directly into InfusionSoft with just a single zap.  

 Now remember, the same limitation that we mentioned in the accounting section goes for this as well.  If you sell subscription products, recurring charges do not yet have their own Zap. So you'll need to pull information about subscription charges from SamCart or your payment processor. We'll be adding in a "Recurring Charge" trigger soon, but for now you can start with all new orders!

Get Started With SamCart

And there it is. The simple shopping cart keeps things simple. Connect SamCart to Zapier and start automating your business, and winning back hours of your own time.  You will create happier customers, and get more done in less time with a few simple automations.  Open up a free trial to SamCart, and see the difference that a simple, effective tool will make in your business.  Visit, and grab your free trial today! Just click the link below and start your free trial now.  

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