3 Tips for Recovering Declining Digital Product Sales

July 27, 2023
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If your eCommerce business is experiencing a decline in digital product sales, you can take action to fix it. Whether you sell online courses, eBooks, PDFs of art prints, or virtual consulting services, you can follow a few tips to get your digital product sales numbers back on track. As you try to regain lost customers and raise your sales numbers, review our top three tips for recovering declining digital product sales:

1. Prioritize Digital Product Promotion

If consumers don’t know your product exists, they won’t buy it. While this is a simple idea to understand, it can be hard to fix if you don’t know how to get eyes on your digital product. Fortunately, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing strategies can get you back on track. Below you can find some of the top ways to promote your digital product online:

  • Invest in paid advertising: When you’re trying to fix your sales, you might not want to add another expense. However, paid product promotion on search engines like Google or social media sites can help spread awareness about your products and boost sales.
  • Focus on SEO: Alongside paying for advertising, you’ll want to utilize SEO techniques to draw in organic traffic. With organic traffic, a user will visit your site or product page without you having to pay a dime. Some common SEO best practices include adding internal links on your site, using the correct keywords for any content you publish online, and making sure search engines can properly read your site.
  • Write strong CTAs for your site and marketing material: A Call to Action (CTA) is a major part of any digital marketing effort. After all, you probably don’t just want a consumer to read through your site and leave without paying for a product or connecting with your company. When you craft CTAs for your home page, product pages, or marketing materials, make sure they're short and clear about what you want the consumer to do. For example, adding a “Learn more” button that links to one of your digital products at the end of a blog can help raise your conversions.

2. Boost Your Conversions With Additional Sales Opportunities and Options

If you’re not taking advantage of subscriptions, advanced pricing options, order bumps, and upsells, you’re likely missing out on multiple sales opportunities. As you try to boost conversions and increase sales, learn more about some of the ways you can boost conversions below:

  • Subscriptions and memberships: Instead of just offering a digital product on its own, you can sell access to multiple digital products in a package with a subscription or membership option. While these package deals typically include a discount on the digital products featured in them, subscriptions can stabilize and boost sales by increasing your recurring revenue.
  • Advanced pricing options: Now more than ever, consumers want options when it comes to payments. As a result, you can often attract more customers by offering advanced pricing options rather than one set price. For example, you could offer Buy Now, Pay Later options to close a sale with a customer who couldn’t afford your service if they had to pay for it all at once. Exploring different payment structures and options will help you customize your pricing for your target audience and boost conversions.
  • Order bumps and upsells: When a customer purchases one of your products, you can increase sales with order bumps and upsells. After adding order bumps to your checkout process, customers will be prompted to add more items to their purchases. With upsells, you can offer discounts on additional digital products after a customer completes a sale. Both options encourage consumers to purchase more digital products from your site and increase sales.

3. Optimize Your Checkout Process

Did you know that 68.8% of users end up abandoning their online shopping carts? Though this high abandonment rate is affected by users who were just window-shopping, many abandoned carts are due to issues with a site’s checkout page. 

For instance, a Baymard study found 24% of users abandoned their cart because the site required them to make an account, and 18% did so due to the checkout processing being too complicated or long. Additionally, 16% left their cart because they couldn’t calculate their total order up-front, 13% said the website had crashes or errors, and 9% stated they didn’t have enough payment methods. As a result, Baymard estimates that average large-sized eCommerce sites could raise their conversion rates by 35.26% through design improvements targeted at the checkout process.

Since a poorly designed checkout process is often at fault for declining sales, it’s essential you optimize your checkout page and partner with an eCommerce platform like SamCart that can help you streamline the checkout process. Some of the top ways you can improve your checkout user experience (UX) with SamCart and our default payment processer, SamPay, include:

Increase Your Digital Product Sales With SamCart

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