What SamCart and Stripe’s Strategic Partnership Means for Creators

June 29, 2023

For years, Stripe has been one of SamCart’s preferred payment processors. Our customers revere Stripe for its ease of use and reliable transaction processing.

But there was more to do – as the SamCart product evolves, so do the needs of our creators. Folks selling on SamCart expect to be on the cutting edge of flexible payment options that increase their sales and drive conversions, so we turned to Stripe to help enable these opportunities and new features.

You can learn more about our strategic partnership from Stripe’s white paper on SamCart, but we’ll highlight the key points that have led to this already successful venture.

The challenges and opportunities created with our Stripe partnership

Consumers are more attuned to fintech and digital payment solutions than ever before.

In an effort to create expandable, flexible payment solutions for SamCart customers, we identified three areas of opportunity. These were those areas, as well as the solutions that came from them:

Offer a wider range of global payment methods

Our global footprint continues to grow; with that comes increased demand for more payment methods. In partnership with Stripe, we created SamPay, which now serves as our proprietary payment processor. Within just 30 days, we migrated 10% of our customer base to SamPay.

And now, 99% of new SamCart customers choose SamPay as their preferred payment processor, allowing them to get access to exciting new features like buy now, pay later. 

Create new features for SamCart’s payment solutions

Our customers don’t need to be experts in payment solutions – they need to focus on running their business and trust that their payment solutions will yield returns. This meant creating features like a card account updater, tax solutions, and fraud protection, as well as adding buy now, pay later, instant payout, and local payment method features to SamPay.

Our buy now, pay later feature just recently left the beta stage and already customers are seeing a 60% increase in average order value and a 40% increase in conversions from customers using buy now, pay later tools.

Design a flexible payment processor to meet customer demand

Most importantly, SamCart customers needed a user-friendly payment processor that was flexible enough to encompass all of the new features we were rolling out.

The SamCart team is now able to deploy these solutions in under one week, a significant improvement from what was previously a 6-8 week timeline. This means any upcoming new payment method can be deployed quickly, so customers can start reaping the benefits much sooner than before.

What does this mean for creators?

The creator industry has seen a major evolution just in the last few years alone. Creators recognize that selling digital products isn’t a passive side gig, but rather a very active and lucrative business they can build with the right solutions. They’re demanding more from the eCommerce platforms they leverage to sell their products and services.

At SamCart, we’re at the forefront of offering payment features that help creators convert more customers, drive more sales, and create bigger profits from even their highest ticket price items. We’re on the precipice of designing the most coveted checkout automation features any digital seller could need to sell 6-figures (or more).

We’re evolving into an even greater innovative eCommerce platform that creators trust to help them automate their sales and provide strategic features and solutions that will boost their profits.

Read more from Stripe and try SamCart today for free

Check out Stripe’s white paper on SamCart to learn more about how our teams have and will continue to work together to design these solutions.

If you’re ready to see Stripe’s work with SamCart in action, start your 7-day free trial to test out some of the exciting payment solutions we’ve launched to help creators like yourself get the most out of an eCommerce platform.

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