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Scale Your Business with Facebook Ads and Arrow


Easily Scale Your Business with Facebook Ads and Arrow


Scaling a business with Facebook Ads may seem like something only big brands can do. A lot of people think Facebook Ads are confusing and expensive, and they want help.

We hear you. Click here. You’re welcome.

But seriously, tens of millions of brands are advertising online with full teams behind them, and it can be difficult to stand out. Facebook generated over 84 billion dollars in global advertising revenue in 2020.


It’s safe to say Facebook Ads work.

Facebook Ads can be a really effective way to scale your online business, but they can also be very intimidating and confusing to use. Arrow AI wants to make that go away.

What is Arrow?

Arrow Boost is a free Google Chrome Extension that connects to Facebook business pages to ensure that your Facebook boosted posts are seen by the right people using Artificial Intelligence to maximize your target audience.  Arrow’s mission is to save time and money for the millions of people working on behalf of tens of millions of brands that are advertising online.

Why We Partnered with Arrow

SamCart was designed for small businesses. Lots of tools and agencies aren’t designed to understand small online business models or the budgets that are often scraped together to test a new idea. 

We know first hand that Facebook ads can help get a product off the ground quickly.  When we saw Arrow, it was a tool specifically designed for our customer base at a price point that can’t be matched. It was an easy decision.

Now if you put together our partnership with Fiverr + Arrow, you can get expert-designed graphics and the power of AI to help you reach your audience!

SamCart users can take advantage of Arrow’s additional features at a discounted price with our new partnership

Arrow Helps You Find Your Facebook Tribe

You might think with Facebook having nearly three billion users, the best thing to do is to advertise to as many people as possible. It sounds good, but in actuality, it’s the quickest way to lose money, and people do it every day.

You don’t want to advertise to the most people.

You want to advertise to the right people.

Would you advertise a beginner Spanish speaker course to people who already speak Spanish? Probably not. That’s why you need to target the right people. Arrow helps you do just that and does so in a way that makes using Facebook Ads really simple while saving you time and money.

For Us By Us

Arrow AI is a small and nimble company just like most SamCart users. Arrow CEO, Rolan Reichel and the rest of the team is passionate about helping small businesses, because they are the lifeblood of our economy. 

“We built this company to put powerful effective advertising tools in the hands of small businesses so they can grow.”



Arrow VP of Product, Justin Lockwood, wants to make the lives of small business owners less stressful with tools that are plug and play. 

“We are building tools that help people with platforms that they’re already using. Our tools don’t ask you to learn anything new.”

Arrow is perfect for those who are beginners and those who don’t have a huge advertising budget, though advertising geniuses and huge ad budgets are welcome as well.

Level up your Facebook Ads Game

Click here to learn more about how to scale your business with Facebook Ads and Arrow, or go to

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