SamCart Takeover: Jay Clouse

February 18, 2022
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In this SamCart Takeover, we’re getting creative with Jay Clouse of the Creative Elements podcast and the Creative Companion newsletter. Jay is all about creative independence, and he’s got a plethora of online courses and workshops aimed at people who want the same.

Jay Clouse Creative Independence

Having a plethora of things can be good. Like in Jay’s case, having a plethora of offers for customers is great. However, Jay also has a plethora of roadblocks when it comes to getting those offers in front of customers, and that’s why we’re here. Check out the sales page we made for Jay here.

Do: Sell Your Stuff

The Creative Elements podcast has some major sponsors that are household names like Shopify, Grammarly, and Indeed. When he does his ad reads promoting these other businesses we find ourselves why he doesn’t mix in ads for his own products like his Email Newsletter Workshop, Web3 & NFT Crash Course, and his Podcast Like the Pros Course.

Jay Clouse Sponsorships

He has so much to offer he could have a rotation of advertisements for his own products that he can swap out as often as he likes. Sponsorships are nice to have, but the vast majority of SamCart’s most successful creators earn more by selling their own products and services.

SamCart Creator Revenue

Don’t: Scatter Offers

There’s a link to Jay’s podcasting course at the very bottom of the Creative Elements website. And when you subscribe to his newsletter and confirm your email address you are redirected to a confirmation page with some links to his courses and workshops at the top and bottom. However, they’re competing with everything else that’s on the page. His offers are scattered and are getting drowned out. His introductory video on that confirmation page looks great, and he mentions the podcast, but he could also use this time to throw in a short blurb about his courses and workshops to direct the viewer to where every creator with a product wants people to go, their sales page. Another small thing we noticed is that Jay offers “courses and workshops” on two different tabs. We’re thinking it might make sense to combine these two into one tab especially considering that some of the offers under the “Workshops” tab have the word “course” in the title.

Jay Clouse Scattered Offers

A confused mind does not buy. That’s why we’re anti-website. Always aim for fewer clicks in the sales process. We pointed this out on our recent SamCart Takeover with Chris Do of the Futur.

Don’t: 1 ‘N’ Done

Jay sells his courses and workshops on Teachable. Teachable does a good job of hosting a course but doesn’t help sell. It’s easy to buy one course on Teachable and be done. SamCart’s 100mph fastball is the ability to create shopping sprees and keep customers in buying mode with Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells. These are the features that most quickly create the six and seven-figure online businesses. The control and cash should easily flow to creators like Jay.

SamCart vs Teachable

What We Would Do

We’d start simple. Get people from the podcast to the course, and build community.

Jay Clouse Course

Jay’s Order Bumps and Course Cross-Sells could be really successful. He could create a really interesting educational journey for people wanting to enroll in his courses.

Jay Clouse Order Bumps and Upsells

Jay is the creative companion to over 10,000 creators who subscribe to his newsletter. SamCart is the conversion companion to over 23,000 creators who have used SamCart to sell more than $2 billion of their own products, goods, and services. We would love to add one more. Stop by Jay’s Twitter, and take part in his #tweet100 challenge for publishing more. Also, stop by Instagram. Follow along on his journey as he updates his home studio, and give him some feedback. Tell him we sent you.


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We want to thank Jay for stopping by our Livestream and getting active in the comments!

Jay Clouse YouTube

We also want to thank Jay for writing one of the most thoughtful, honest, and relevant pieces about being a creator you will find anywhere online. It’s a must-read. After you read this, read this. Checkout other SamCart Takeovers here.

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