SamCart Takeover: The Financial Diet

October 21, 2022
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Expert-level Financial Advice- Can SamCart Help?

Closing in on 1 million YouTube subscribers, The Financial Diet, hosted by Chelsea Fagan, is a financial education channel that aims to demystify personal finance and help viewers set realistic and achievable goals for their money. In addition to their YouTube channel, The Financial Diet has a website featuring a blog, a newsletter, and a podcast called The Financial Confessions. They also share infographics about budgeting, work-life balance, and savings accounts on their Instagram. This week, SamCart Experts looked into The Financial Diet’s business model to see where SamCart could help them bring in more revenue and reach their goals. Here were our key takeaways: - Eventbrite takes 7% of TFD's revenue from event ticket sales. - YouTube takes 30% of TFD's membership fees. - TFD has limited control over brand deals on YouTube. Using SamCart would solve all of these problems for The Financial Diet. SamCart can handle registrations for virtual events, without taking 7% from the creators as Eventbrite does. By avoiding YouTube as the sole library to house creator content, creators can post videos on SamCart, charging membership fees without losing 30%. In addition, by using SamCart instead of brand deals, creators maintain control over their content, and keep their hard-earned money. Want to watch the full video and find out more ways SamCart could help The Financial Diet? Check it out below, or on our YouTube channel here:

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