SamCart Takeover: Marie Poulin

January 21, 2022
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Marie Poulin is the Queen on Notion

Marie Poulin is the co-founder and chief strategist at Oki Doki a Canada-based creative agency aimed at providing strategies to build stronger brands and businesses. She’s also a prolific content creator who’s known for her Notion Mastery courses. Notion is the all-in-one digital workspace taking over the world. Major online course creators like Ali Abdaal use it religiously. She’s one of the most insightful Notion users in the world. That’s coming from Notion’s creator, Ivan Zhao via her sales page.

Marie currently uses Gumroad to sell her Notion Mastery courses. In this SamCart Takeover, we’re showing off a gorgeous sales page we made for her with SamCart. We’re also going over why Marie and her team should exit off of Gumroad, and turn right on Sam(Cart) Street as part of her business strategy.

Gumroad, like SamCart, is known for its simplicity for those who are just starting to sell online. However we found a few key differences that we think make SamCart a better fit for most. Gumroad isn’t focused on growing one’s business and doesn’t have tools to help you sell more and increase your Average Order Value (AOV). Gumroad also owns the payment process and takes a percentage of sales. Marie’s courses are high-ticket items, and she works with a small but high-performing team to bring them to life, so her strategy for going to market should include a platform that can promote the growth of her business, and grow along with it. Free Download: SamCart x HubSpot: The Ultimate Product Marketing Go-to-Market Kit And since Marie was nice enough to stop by our livestream, and get active in the chat make sure to stop by her Twitter. Tell her we sent you.

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