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SamCart Beta: Here’s What’s Coming!


SamCart may be currently closed to the public, but here in our office, we are hard at work!

Our team is hard at work, finalizing all the new features, integrations, and requests we received (and are still receiving) from our Beta users.

Today we are excited to pass along an update about what’s currently in development, as well as share a huge milestone SamCart users recently passed!

So here’s what is going on “behind the curtain”…

1.) $5,000,000 Processed Through SamCart

We’re happy to announce that, as of October 10th, SamCart’s Beta users have surpassed five million dollars in sales through our platform. If you remember, SamCart users crossed $2.5MM in sales just a few weeks ago. So though SamCart is closed, it’s users are picking up steam as they continue to integrate SamCart deeper into their business.

To make it even better, of that five million, a big chunk of those sales came from using SamCart’s simple “One-Click” Upsell feature. It’s very exciting to see so many SamCart users using SamCart’s feature set to grow their revenue by having a robust back end.

Stay tuned as our customers continue to process more and more each month, and we are very excited for the upcoming future developments and the release of our final SamCart platform.

2.) Deeper Integrations Incoming

Below is a brief review of some of the integrations we are working away on. We look forward to releasing these updates (and more) very shortly…

DAP: We are on the home stretch of an integration with Digital Access Pass (or “DAP”). “DAP” is one of several membership tools that we are developing integrations with so our users are able to bring members into their programs easily and conveniently through SamCart.

Ontraport: We are currently improving and diversifying our Ontraport integration, and will be allowing our users to pass along even more information to Ontraport in the near future.

InfusionSoft: Our InfusionSoft integration also currently being made even more robust. Our users can look forward to the ability to sync a product in SamCart with a product in InfusionSoft, create order data inside of their InfusionSoft accounts, set tags when a user takes any number of actions in your upsell process, and more.

These updates will build a much more robust profile of your customers, directly inside of your InfusionSoft account.

Payment Processing: SamCart is deep in the process of building out integrations with new payment processors. This will give SamCart users even more flexibility on how they process their payments, ensuring you can use SamCart’s powerful features without leaving the payment processor you trust.

3.) Upsell Exit Pop-Ups

Currently, all of our users have the abilities to add exit pop ups to their upsell pages.

We are in the process of adding customization which will allow our users to have a different exit pop up for each offer. This will help our users to get more granular in their messaging based on what is contained in their offers.

An image of a SamCart upsell.
Here’s one of our high converting upsells screens.

4.) Branching Upsell Funnels

Currently, SamCart upsell funnels are “linear”. Which simply means every customer will go through the upsell funnel the same way each time.

With our new feature, “Branching Upsells”, SamCart users will be able to create custom logic for their upsell funnels that allow you to send your customers through a completely customized upsell funnel based on each individual customer’s actions.

For example; you could decide to a show different upsell offer to someone based on wether they decline or accept the first upsell offer they see.

Our users are always testing, and being able to add branches into upsell funnels is going to take testing and optimization to the next level.

5.) Custom URLs

The final thing we want to announce, is that we are close to finishing our custom URL options. This will give our users the ability to have custom URLs on their SamCart checkout pages and upsells.

This is helpful in increasing shopping cart conversion rates as your customers will soon be able to see your company’s name in the URL throughout the entire sales process.

What’s Next?

We hope you guys like what you’re reading about upcoming changes to SamCart, we’re looking forward to rolling these features (and more) in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on your e-mails and the blog for more news.

Let us know below, which of these changes do you think is going to help your sales the most?



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