1 Tweak That Got a 43% Increase in Webinar Sales

July 10, 2020
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"We took our conversion from 6.23% to 8.86%"

Happy July, SamCart friends. Hope you're all having as good of a summer as you can given the current circumstances.

As for what we're up to, we are currently trying to beat our current best template for Webinar Conversion. If you follow us on Youtube, you can see a video explaining this whole process.

The webinar we used this on is one where we sell SamCart with a bunch of new bonuses. The price point is $1000. Our current conversion rate is 6.23% over the past two years. But, for the last month we've been testing a new template. That is the ONLY change we made; we didn't change anything else about the page. We've had a large sample size so we feel confident in our results.

Here's what happened:

The new template has a newer design, it's cleaner, and it's faster to load. It looks better on mobile, it has new forms and a lot of new options. After a couple hundred orders with this new template we have jumped up to a 8.86% conversion rate. That's a 43% increase by JUST changing the template. I don't think I have to say this, but that is incredible.

We are going to change all of our webinars over to this new template, and even more exciting is that this template is available to all SamCart users so you can experience the benefits too.

Go try it out. Let us know what you think. Go check it our in action over on Youtube.

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