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Why We Built the "Profit Center" (And Why You Should Care)

October 14, 2015

If you sell stuff online, you've had days where you can't find the data you need. Sales spike or drop off, but you have no idea why. Now you have to you spend hours looking for the data you need. You check Google Analytics. You check Facebook Ads. You check your website builder. And the list goes on... I've been there. And it's that pain that caused us to create a solution. The solution became the "profit center."

The Headaches of Selling Online

I remember a product launch my brother and I put together 2 years ago. We were selling a new training course on, and we couldn't wait to release it. I remember hitting "SEND" on the email where we announced it was live...and then waiting. That wait was killing me. I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. I remember telling my brother there should be a way to see the live data, as it happened. Unfortunately, there was no such tool. I spent hours clicking the "REFRESH" button to check on our sales. And even after sales starting coming, we still only had a partial picture of what was going on. We didn't know how our checkout page was converting. We didn't know how our upsells were converting. We didn't know anything. All we knew was how much money we collected. Not why we collected it. Or how to generate more.

3 Reasons We Built 'Profit Center'

Now that SamCart is in the picture, we can change the game. SamCart lives at the center of everyone's business. It talks to all the most important parts of your business. Your merchant account. Your email marketing platform. Your landing pages. Because of that, we can give you your most important metrics with amazing accuracy.

Once I realized it was possible, there were 3 big reasons we decided to build the new "profit center"... 1.) I wanted it. This might sound selfish...because it is. I've spent years selling products online (over $11MM worth). And I've spent most of those years without the numbers I needed to grow. This was my chance to build myself a tool that would help me jump-start my own revenue. 2.) I knew you wanted it. I've talked to so many online marketers lately and there are some common themes. They're worried about their business. All the time. Not because they don't believe in themselves. But because they're operating blind at times. They don't know how much money they're supposed to bring in next month. They don't know exactly what's working and what isn't. I knew the "profit center" would give them the information they need to sleep better at night. 3.) I knew it would help you make more money. This is the most important piece. Everything we build at SamCart is geared toward one thing: helping you make more money. The new "profit center" will tell you exactly how to do that. It points out the strengths and weaknesses in your business so you know what your next move is.

Here's How to Get 'Profit Center' Now

If you're already a SamCart customer, you're set. Just login and the new Profit Center will be waiting for you. There's no setup. No pixels to add. No tracking code to place. It just works. If you're not a SamCart customer, watch this new video that explains how the Profit Center (and SamCart) will help you boost sales in a hurry. The video will also show you how to get access to the Profit Center right now, if you're ready to get started. [button_2 color="blue" align="center" href="" new_window="Y"]Click Here to Get 'Profit Center' Now[/button_2]

Have You Been There?

I'm guessing you've been in the same boat. You've felt lost when it comes to your numbers. You're not sure what's working and what isn't. Or what to do about it. Let me know your story below.