SamCart CEO Justin Smith talks fintech trends with This Week in FinTech podcast

February 28, 2023

Check out SamCart and our partner, Visa, chatting on Hey Fintech Friends, a podcast by This Week in FinTech. This Week in FinTech is a weekly newsletter and podcast on all things financial technology.  Hey FinTech Friends host Helen Femi Williams sits down with Justin Smith, CEO of SamCart and Sophie Schulman, Head of Global Fintech Partnerships & Business Development at Visa to discuss the state of Fintech and creator trends, including:

  • The future of consuming and buying products on the Internet
  • Common traits of successful creators and how social influencers can shift their skillset to match these traits
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other emerging technology’s impact on creators and eCommerce
  • How “side hustle” culture will shift due to increasing accessibility of eCommerce platforms
  • How the US compares worldwide on payments infrastructure and what can drive change
“When you think of the word creator today, you typically think of influencer, entrepreneur, or founder. I think that’s going to shift to a world where Creators are more small businesses. The ecosystem of what we buy online is going to shift to be more and more from micro SMBs and creators than you would see from your traditional brand,” said Justin Smith, SamCart CEO.

Hear the full episode and more about creator trends here.  P.S. want to know if Justin and Sophie would rather have Beyonce’s talent or Hulk’s power, or wear a Halloween costume to their wedding or sweat pants on every date? Tune in for the answers during Would You Rather.

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