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May 11, 2017
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Did you know offering different payment options on your checkout page increases sales by +17.8%?  Ya know, like when you let customers choose wether to pay "1 payment of $100", or go for the "4 payments of $30" payment plan. Giving your customers a choice means big things for your sales.  Well in today's post, it's time to step on the gas. Let me introduce you SamCart's "One Page Funnel" checkout template.  

 In July 2016, we introduced The One Page Funnel. It's an awesome training with a simple premise...  Condense a huge product launch into a couple emails and a single checkout page.  But not just any checkout page. Because if you are going to lean heavily on your checkout page to close sales, you need a checkout page that is up to the task. And most checkout pages would crumple under the weight.  Leaving you with a lot of wasted effort.  But not this checkout page. This checkout page was different.

Choice Breeds Conversion

If you want to capture more sales, introduce choice. Give your customers the ability to choose how they pay you.  We call this strategy "Multiple Payments".  

 SamCart's database tells us that checkout pages with multiple payment options capture +17.8% more sales.  

 That's a pretty nice bump! And now, we get to take this one step further.  Let's take a look at The One Page Funnel template.

The One Page Funnel Checkout

So the "One Page Funnel" is a strategy that has been really effective for us. Effective enough to warrant an entire course (which we naturally titled, "The One Page Funnel") teaching others how to replicate the process.  But the short version is condensing an entire product launch into a few emails and a single checkout page. So you get all the benefits of what makes product launches so effective, but actually...ya know....finish something for once.  But here's the rub, the checkout page is pretty unique. Every time we use the "One Page Funnel" strategy, we offer three separate payment options on the checkout page.  So the checkout looks a little something like this...  

 Three payment options for customers to choose from. We can go deeper into the "How?" and "Why?" of it all some other time.  But for now, just take a note that offering three options essentially means customers are choosing from a "Basic", "Advanced", or "Expert" package.  We call those "Pricing Tiers".

Intro to Pricing Tiers

Ever been through a car wash?  You drive up thinking about just getting your car a rinse for $5.00. But then, the "Super-Hydro-Shine-Perfect-Wax-Seal-Clean-Buffer System" is right there for $7.00.  And of course you think, "What is an extra $2.00?". And boom, you upgraded your car wash.  But think about this.....that gas station just increased their average customer value by +40%!  That's a big freaking deal, and has an even bigger impact on PROFITS. That's what makes Pricing Tiers so effective.  Structure your offer into tiers, and thank me later. Your customers who are ready to spend more can upgrade. Customers who don't have the cash can settle into the cheaper plan. And you come out way ahead. It's a killer strategy, and the One Page Funnel template is inside of SamCart, waiting to make it happen for you.  And here's one of the coolest features on that template...  

 As you switch from tier to tier, you can see which extra stuff is included in each package!  So your customers can immediately see the benefit of upgrade to the next tier up. Pretty cool, huh?  Even better than just being cool, it's highly effective and will do two things for your next promotion...

  1. Increase your checkout conversion rate.
  3. Boost your average customer value.

Let's jump into a SamCart account and show you exactly how to get this done.

1 :Create Your SamCart Products

First things first, create a new product for each of your Tiers.  So in our example, we would have three SamCart products created...

  • Basic Package for $100
  • Advanced Package for $200
  • Expert Package for $300

Making products in SamCart is extremely easy. You'll be done in 60 seconds.

2: Easily Customize Your Checkout Page

Next, select the One Page Funnel checkout template from the SamCart Template Library.  Then, add in your bullet points for each product. The bullet points you choose will be the centerpiece of your checkout page.  In our example, we added 3 bullet points for Basic. These bullets give customers an idea of what comes with the Basic package.  The Advanced product got a few extra bullet points, where you can explain the extra bonuses/benefits your customers get when they upgrade.  

 And the Expert product got a few MORE bullet points. So customers know what extra stuff comes with the highest tier.  Pro Tip: Use SamCart's Duplicate button to save time! Duplicate your Basic product to make Advanced & Expert even faster.

3: Add Tiers To Your Checkout Page

Time flies, we're done already.  Go back to your Basic product and "add" your Advanced & Expert products under "Optional Products".  What you're doing is telling SamCart, "Show these other products as options on the same checkout page".  

 So after your save your changes and preview your checkout page, here is what you will see...  A perfect checkout page with 3 payment options available. As customers scroll through your tiers, the bullet points will change to reflect what extra value they get by upgrading to the next tier up.  

 This strategy has been extremely effective for us, and other SamCart customers who have followed the same "One Page Funnel" strategy.  This template has quickly become a crowd favorite, and it's easy to see why.  If you want to see a live example of this template, look over the "One Page Funnel" course's live checkout page right here.

Bonus: Customize Your Bullet Points

For you over-achievers out there who want to take it a step further, here's a cool little trick we like to use...  You'll notice that we like to make some bullet points "grey out". So when you have Basic selected, the advanced & expert bullet points are "greyed out".  Helps customers understand that these specific options aren't available unless they upgrade to the next tier.  On top of that, our bullet points also have a "title line" and a "description line". The title line is larger, and bolded. The description text is smaller and in a regular font.  Well, customizing your bullet points is super simple.  

 All you need to do is copy the HTML code you see below and paste it into your own SamCart account. When editing any product, you can drop in this bit of code, fill in your own text, and your checkout page will have both Title Bullets and Greyed Bullets so you can copy what you've seen on our checkout pages.  Here is the code snippet you can copy & paste to get a Title Bullet point. <b style="font-size: 20px">Your Bullet Point Title Here:</b><br/> Your bullet point description goes right here. And here is the code snippet you can copy & paste to get a Greyed Bullet, like we show you in the picture above. <span style="color: #C9D3DC"><b style="font-size: 20px">Your Bullet Point Title Here:</b><br/>Your bullet point description goes right here</span>

Bonus: Auto-Select Your Tier

If you want customers to land on a specific payment option, just add ?option= to the end of your checkout page's URL.  Here's an example. If you have 3 payment options available, and add ?option=2 to the end of your checkout page's URL, anyone who clicks will land on the page the second payment option pre-selected.  

 A handy trick if you want to give your customers a hint towards selecting a specific option.  But that about does it for The One Page Funnel template. Add 3+ payment options on a single page, and see how adding in choices increases your conversion!

Get Started With SamCart

Get your own "One Page Funnel" promotion up and running today! Open up a free trial to SamCart, and see the difference that a simple, effective tool will make in your business.  Visit, and grab your free trial today! Just click the link below and start your free trial now.  

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