How to Launch a Digital Product in 2022

January 24, 2022

Right now, sitting on your hard drive is a life-changing digital product. Here’s the exact blueprint for launching that digital product. There are really three simple steps to launching a digital product:

  • - Find a community you love, and learn about its problems.
  • - Create a product to help solve those problems.
  • - Build your page, and launch.

Many creators will skip the first step, and create a product; get no feedback on it, and then try to find a community that might want their product. Then they end up begging people to take that product off their hands for little to nothing. It ends up being a huge waste of time. That can crush a lot of creators from ever selling a digital product again. But that’s not you. So let’s go.

Find a Community you Love and Learn about its Problems

Finding a community is easy. You can search for a niche on any platform: Google, Reddit, Facebook, etc. Rock music, rock climbing, rock sculpting…there’s a community for everything.

Find a group in your niche, and join. Subscribe. Follow the top leaders in that space. Get on their newsletters. Download their podcasts. Become a student and member of that community. Warning to money-hungry folks. If you don’t care about your community you’ll lose. At best you’ll create something that barely scratches the and eventually disappears. Immerse yourself, and become a valued member of a community. The goal is to help this community. Your heart needs to be in the right place. This next part might scare some people, but this is where you’ll learn the most. Start having one-on-one conversations with your fellow community members. There’s nothing more flattering than asking someone to talk about themselves. People love talking about who they are and their passion. Setting up the conversation is easy. Try some of these quick conversation starters.

  • “I’m a _______________, and I’m thinking about building a product to help other _______________. Can I ask about your business?
  • “What are some of your biggest challenges?”
  • “If you could have one product or skill to make your job easier, what would it be?”
  • “If you could outsource any part of your business, what would it be?”

Nine out of 10 times, you’ll get a response. People will tell you everything you need to know. These conversations are crucial to the success of your product. You might realize the product idea you had prior to talking to these people would have taken you in the wrong direction. Now, you know what they want and are willing to pay for. If you’re still not sure what to create, keep asking questions. Legendary entrepreneur, Pat Flynn, uses this technique. He speaks to 10 new email subscribers every month. “I actually would pay to have those conversations from my side, because the information I get back is gold.” Pat explains his strategy in the video below.

Create a Product to Help Solve those Problems

This is pretty straightforward. Even if you think you’ve nailed it with your product, keep the conversations going. Things change, and new challenges are always around the corner. Stay ahead of the game with your new products as new challenges arise. It’s ok if your product doesn’t solve every problem your community has all at once. You can chip away at smaller individual problems, and offer more digital products later, and include them as Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells to increase your Average Order Value (AOV). You could also add tiers to your products that add extra features, and solve more problems with each higher tier.

Build Your Page, and Launch Your Product

When it comes to building a winning sales page, you know we’ve got you covered. In the past, we’ve talked about how to create a huge fanfare around the launch of your new digital product. However, sometimes, you’re not quite ready to launch. If you think you’re not there yet, you could try to pre-selling your product the same way Elon Musk pre-sold over 1,000,000 Tesla Cybertrucks. You can launch your product before you’ve finished creating it as you add the final touches.

Sometimes your main focus should be getting your first customer, then your second and so on. The first version of your digital product needs to start circulating around your community. Don’t be shy about the state of your new product. Build it in public. Tell your people that it's in its early stages, but you feel like it’s ready for the public. Your product is ready, because once you get your first five customers you can start improving it for your next 10 customers, your next 100, 1000…the cycle just keeps growing. As your business grows your needs might change, so make sure you have the best go-to-market kit by your side if and when that day comes. Free Download: SamCart x HubSpot: The Ultimate Product Marketing Go-to-Market Kit

In Conclusion

Let’s recap those three steps to launch your digital product.

  • - Find a community you love, and learn about its problems.
  • - Create a product to help solve those problems.
  • - Build your page, and launch.

Pretty simple, right? You don’t need an overnight gamechanger. Start small, and build your business from there. Launching this way can lead to a better, more impactful digital product that can change your community for the better; increase your AOV, and change your life financially. Read: How to Increase Your Average Order Value: 2 SamCart Features to 4X AOV

Take Off

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