How This Health Coach Made $400k WITHOUT A Website: A SamCart Case Study

October 28, 2022

Christie Miller, a digital health coach, knew she wanted to streamline her online business. Like a lot of creators, Christie was stuck outsourcing any changes to her sales page to a pricey web developer. Which cost her $85 per hour, delayed everything, and held her back from growing as quickly as she knew she could.

Looking for a better option, Christie headed to Facebook to search for a one-stop eCommerce platform. She found SamCart, and was intrigued by the customizable sales pages and options to add multiple forms of payment. Once Christie made the switch to SamCart, her previous issues went away.

"With SamCart, if I come up with an idea, I can jump out of bed naked and run into my office, and -boom!- I've got a one-page sales page," said Christie. "It's just made my life so much easier."

After a few years of being in business, Christie decided to take advantage of SamCart's more advanced eCommerce features. She took her main front-end offer, added a $47 order bump and a $97 upsell, finding that 6 out of 10 of her customers added her $47 order bump, and 4 out of 10 also added the $97 upsell.

Health Coach

In her first promotion with these features in place, Christie's average sales price rose from $297 to $374! Which brought into an extra $13,800 in pure profit. "That's as close as you can get to free money," Christie said.

Another feature Christie admires is SamCart's multiple payment options. Before joining SamCart, Christie had only accepted payments through PayPal. "I didn't know how many people don't trust PayPal," she said, "Now 75% of my sales are people using a credit card, not PayPal. That, to me, is mind-blowing!"

Christie also mentioned her appreciation for SamCart's Email Confirmation feature, which includes a double email confirmation to prevent errors in payment from misspelled email addresses. Email Confirmation ensures that customers receive their purchases and their payments process correctly.

"It's about the user experience," said Christie. "Having that double email confirmation prevents customers from being upset. It's beyond the hassle factor- it's the customer journey and satisfaction factor."

Now, Christie notes that she's only had five or six complete defaults of payment - impressive statistics when running a near-million dollar business. Another feature Christie considers a game-changer is the customizable nature of SamCart's page design. "One of the greatest things about SamCart is if someone is on your sales page, when they click the buy button, they get to the checkout page that is also branded and beautiful." This keeps customers engaged with the checkout process, Christie notes, adding, "It's seamless."

"SamCart does it all for me!" Christie said, adding,

"I'm loyal for life, I'm your girl!"

Key Takeaways from Christie's success:

1. Execute quickly with customizable, branded sales pages

2. +$13,800 in profit to her first promotion thanks to 'Stored Card Tech'

3. Lower customer support with Email Confirmation

If you'd like to join Christie as a successful SamCart seller, you can get started here.

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