Funnels v. Single Page | One Page Wednesday #6

July 29, 2020
"You will make 10 times more than you will ever dream of making from your leads list."

Hey guys, recently we uploaded a video to the SamCart Youtube page about the pros and cons of a multistep marketing funnel vs a single sales page. At SamCart we fully believe you can keep your sales page simple and still expect it to be successful. If you want the full video, you can watch it below or click here.

The Big Goal

Truth is, there are plenty of options to getting your customer from point A (your ad) to point B (your product). Let's break down the most common option; a multistep marketing funnel. The typical process of a funnel is to put an ad in front of your customer, send that customer to a squeeze page where you get their basic information, and then use that information to send the customer a series of follow up emails. Those emails all typically look similar; they have sales copy, a call to action, and some sort of payment option. People use these funnels because they can grow your leads list over time. That leads list continues to get updated information from you, they are sent sales pages, and they receive new products or updates from you. These lists are important (and they can grow to be HUGE over time) but they are not as important as the people who are already your customers. It is much harder to convert people from that leads list than it is so convert people who are already interacting with you or have already purchased something from you. For example, if you have a leads list of 1000 people, you will end up sending everything in your funnel to those 1000 people. If your conversion rate is 10%, you end up with 100 customers. But you still have 900 people on your leads list who did not purchase from you or interact with you. It's a lot of work for a 10% conversion rate.

A New Approach

SamCart teaches its customers to get rid of that complicated marketing funnel and boil it down to a single sales page. We get rid of the leads lists, the follow up emails, etc. Instead, we combine all of that into one single page. For example, if a customer clicks on a FB ad for your product, they will be taken to a single sales page that has all the information they need to make an informed purchase. That page may have some sales copy, some bullet points for easy reading, a check out form, etc. It's a one-stop shop for your customers! Plus, if they are offered some kid of free + shipping offer (see more about that here) they can become a customer instantly and be added to your customer list. Let's go back and say you replace that original leads list with a customer list (a list of people who have already interacted with or purchased from you). Most people don't realize that customer list is 10x more valuable that a leads list. 100 buying customers are always more valuable than 1000 potential leads. PLUS it's so much easier and takes way less brain power. Even if the first option of the funnel is marginally more effective, it saves you time to use the One Page method. For new business owners, time is money.

Selling with One Page

It converts! You will convert faster by using a single sales page than will by using a funnel. We have seen conversion rates increase in as little as 10 days! Your customers will be happy. No one wants to be harassed with endless sales emails. That's just not how it's done anymore. The single sales page gives your customers a break from the typical hounding emails they receive.

A Final Point

When you are running ads for a funnel, where are you typically getting that traffic? For most people it's platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Those three are the best platforms for ads. When you use those platforms, not only are you getting "likes" or "clicks", you're also gathering a following on those platforms. As your followers grows, so does your potential customers list! Your followers are essentially customers who have opted in to learn more about your products. When you update your social media, all of those followers are going to receive that information without being hounded by emails or other marketing materials. It's instant advertisement and engagement with your leads list, but there's no extra hassle.

Don't Fret

The bottom line is, a list of existing customers or an engaged audience is way more valuable than a leads list. Plus, social media is a built in leads list. Either way, you don't need the old-school leads list or squeeze pages. Down the line, maybe you can introduce a more complicated funnel as your company grows. But, for now, we know you can see much more success with a single sales page. If you want to learn more about our "single page" ecommerce model, and discover how SamCart customers have sold over $1.5 Billion worth of products, head over to the SamCart Homepage and get a free demo today. [fusebox_full_player url="" ] [fusebox_transcript]