7 SamCart Updates That Help You Sell More Stuff

October 24, 2016

It's been a crazy past 30 days. There are now over 7,000 people using SamCart to sell their products online, which is why we're working faster than ever to build even more features that help you all sell even more than you were before. Here's are the 7 SamCart Updates That Help You Sell More Stuff:

1.) Sell In Any Language

Now you can sell your products in any language on Earth! I'm so excited to see what everyone does with our new "Wordwide" template, which lets you customize every single field on your checkout page. (we even created a few templates for the most used languages, with the help of some of our customers)


2.) Automate Anything w/ Zapier

Now you can tie SamCart to any other tool on Earth using Zapier. This new integration opens up endless possibilities that will help you automate anything you want within your business. Now every time you make a sale, collect a payment, or process a refund, you can:

  1. Automatically create accounts inside of Kajabi or Teachable
  2. Notify ShipStation to deliver your physical product
  3. Generate a Slack notification
  4. Update your dashboard Dasheroo, Klipfolio, or Geckoboard
  5. Create invoices inside of QuickBooks or Freshbooks
  6. Send postcards to new customers
  7. Add new customers to your Direct Mail list

3.) Amy Porterfield Template

From her hundreds of thousands of Facebook Fans, to her great courses like "Courses That Convert", "Webinars That Convert", and more, Amy always brings excellent branding to everything she produces. Amy has been helping us craft new features inside of SamCart, advising on the design of the tool, and helping us find more and more ways to help regular business owners win back their time, and sell more products than ever before. And that's why we are extremely excited to bring you the newest checkout page template in the SamCart Library, "Amy Porterfield".


The Amy Porterfield template comes in 3 unique colors right out of the box. Each color corresponds to a different one of Amy's flagship products.


"Amy Porterfield Yellow" for Amy's "List Builder's Lab". "Amy Porterfield Red" for Amy's "Courses That Convert". "Amy Porterfield Teal" for Amy's "Webinars That Convert".

4.) Melanie Duncan Template

We have another brand new checkout page template, and this one is modeled after Melanie Duncan's. Melanie runs MelanieDuncan.com where she helps entrepreneurs launch their businesses online...and her checkout page is one of our favorites. Now you can use her unique style and branding, and make it work to sell your products.


5.) Improved Speed & Stability

We've been hard at work finding and fixing little issues that pop-up so that you can launch your products even faster. Your stats, products, and checkout pages load faster than ever so that you (and your customers) aren't left waiting for everything to load.


6.) VAT Taxes with Taxamo (beta)

We're hard at work with the team at Taxamo so we can bring you VAT tax support. We're currently beta testing this brand new feature and we're excited to finally bring you the finished version.

7.) The Checkout Pop-Up

This is one of my favorites... My guess is that in under 2 years, checkout pages as we know them, will not exist. People shopping online want a more seamless experience than your typical checkout page that requires a bunch of typing and loading new pages. My goal is for SamCart to be ahead of that curve, so that you're ahead of that curve, without spending the billions of dollars that Amazon and Apple are. And that's why we're working on the new checkout pop-up template. You can install this bad boy on any webpage you want. A Wordpress post. A banner image. Your own pricing page. A page built with LeadPages, Instapage, or ClickFunnels. Wherever. People won't even know you're using SamCart...and that's kinda the idea. The checkout process fades into the background so the only thing your customers are worried about is giving you money for your amazing product. My prediction...these checkout pop-ups will convert 25-50% higher than normal checkout pages. I could be wrong. But I doubt it. You'll see a lot more on this front from us in the coming months, but for now, try out the checkout pop-up on your own site and see how it works.


What's Next?

There's going to be a bunch of new stuff coming in the next few weeks that you're not going to want to miss. If you don't already get our emails, click the image below to get notified every time we release a brand new feature that will help your grow your business online.

Something Missing?

If there's something missing on this list that you'd love to see, just let me know in the comments below. I'd love to chat with you about anything you wish SamCart could do for you.