Dedicated Live Support

Access to a knowledgeable and friendly representative at your fingertips, ready to assist you with any question or concern you may have. With SamCart’s Live Support, you’ll enjoy lightning-fast responses averaging just 53 seconds guaranteeing top-notch customer care for every creator who chooses to call SamCart as their trusted partner.

Live chat with real person
SamCart experts

Real People, Real Solutions

Connect directly to a dedicated, full-time SamCart expert in under a minute—no bots, no outsourcing. Speak with someone who understands your business and can address everything from technical issues to advanced strategic advice.

Available 9AM-5PM CT

Seamless Troubleshoots

Collaborate with an Agent In Your Account

Our agents can view your account in real-time, enabling seamless troubleshooting and problem-solving. No need getting someone up to speed on what you’re struggling with—we’re right there with. And if you need to step away, simply resume the conversation where you left off. Saving you time and getting you back to selling as quickly as possible.

SamCart agent reviewing account
Checkout audit

Unlock Game-Changing Business Strategies

Request a Conversion Audit for one of your checkouts, and our team will guide you through an in-depth 11-point checklist, providing you with suggestions that will boost your conversion rates and increase your average order value.

Our team brings the expertise of exactly what SamCart’s top creators do to make more money. Feel secure, knowing your checkouts are set up perfectly, and ready to sell. Our Dedicated Live Support has empowered our VIP creators to launch faster, eliminate friction for their customers, and—most importantly—grow their bottom line. Now, we’re thrilled to extend the same level of service to you.

Enhance your marketplace with Dedicated Live Support for just $19/month.