New: Smart Cart Recovery Wins Back 35.1% Of Lost Sales

May 2, 2018
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Most people are losing over 82% of their sales because of "cart abandonment" (when someone makes it all the way to the checkout, and then they bail)

But now there's good news! Starting today, SamCart will help you get back up to 35.1% of those lost sales.

How? With the latest feature to hit every SamCart Account!

We're calling it Smart Cart Recovery. This new improvement to SamCart's Cart Abandonment options lets you contact anyone who started placing an order, but then abandoned their cart without completing a purchase.

And with SamCart Cart Recovery, you can reach out to your prospects via text, phone, voicemail, email, live chat, messenger, etc.

This 3-minute video explains is all...

P.S. Want our "3-Step Cart Win-Back Campaign"? Click Here to head over to the Facebook post where we announced this new feature, and leave a comment and we'll message over this brand new blueprint.

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