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How To Setup Your eCommerce Storefront With SamCart


We’ve all seen them. Product libraries, “storefronts”, eCommerce directories. Call them whatever you would like!

Wether you have 1 product or 100 products, you likely have a place where your website visitors can see what you have to offer, and hopefully complete a purchase.

In this tutorial video, let’s take a look at our favorite tools for creating effective eCommerce storefronts with SamCart’s beautifully designed checkout pages (and 1-Click Upsells) so you can maximize your sales.

Watch this quick video below now!

The 3 Tools We Love

In the video, we reference 3 tools that we absolutely love for quickly and easily creating “Storefronts” on your website. Here are some links, with our take on what each option has to offer.

OptimizePress 2.0

OptimizePress 2.0 is an extremely popular WordPress theme (you’ve likely already heard of it!) that allows you to easily add/remove/move around different elements on your site.

Add in headlines, videos, bullet points, and everything in between with a few clicks, and no tech guys.

A great tool for any marketer with a WordPress blog, OptimizePress allows you to quickly customize webpages, as seen in the video above.


For a more premium solution, checkout the market-leading landing page software used by 35,000+ businesses. LeadPages offers a template-based approach to building pages.

Pick a template, fill in your own text, images, videos, etc. and you’re off. LeadPages can host your pages for you, so hypothetically you don’t even need a website. Use the LeadPages WordPress plugin to put any page you create with the tool directly onto your WordPress site.

Very useful for quick projects where you want to skip past the hastle, and get a page up and running quickly.

Check out for a whole host of different WordPress themes that can give any hum-drum wordpress blog a professional look.

Buy a theme, install it onto any WordPress site, and you can have a beautiful look storefront up in just minutes.

How To Triple Your Bottom Line

Never forget the power of 1-Click Upsells.

Far too often, business owners allow their visitors to buy a product and leave forever without ever providing their new customer with the chance to buy more products.

Businesses that offer 1-Click Upsells regularly double their average customer value. SamCart makes implementing 1-Click Upsells so simple, that you could have your own 1-Click Upsells running in just a few minutes, with zero complicated technical hurdles.

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