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How SamCart Increased Sales By 81.50%


Here at SamCart, we always want to show our clients how to increase their sales without reinventing the wheel. That’s what our business is built on, generating better results from the traffic you already have.

When the data came back that a single SamCart feature was was accounting for 81.50% of a client’s total sales, we knew we had to share with you guys.

Let’s dive right in to how you can use SamCart to get crazy increases in your average sale, and then we’ll lay it out in the blog post below!

How SamCart Increased Sales By 81.50%

Over the past 60 days, we ran a test to see exactly how SamCart was converting compared to standard shopping carts others use (like PayPal,, etc.).

At the end of our 60-day test, we have some exciting stats to share!

The Scenario

Our test centered around a $10.00 product being sold by a separate brand that we own and operate.

Over the 60 days, we ran about 5,500 visitors to a SamCart checkout page where they could buy this $10.00 product.

We recorded our data, and here is what we found…

$642.00 In New Sales

As we discussed in a previous blog post, through our optimized checkout pages we are able to increase checkout page conversion rates by 20% over the industry average. 

This means, per 1,000 visits to the checkout page, SamCart converted 385 new customers and $3,851.00 in sales.

Alternatively, using a more traditional checkout like PayPal, those same 1,000 visitors would only translate 321 new customers and $3,209.00 in sales.

These numbers are based off of a recent Baymard Institute Research Study on average cart abandonment rates online.

These numbers mean that SamCart’s checkout page produced us a whopping $642.00 in additional sales! The design of SamCart’s checkout pages are intentionally design to combat cart abandonment rate, and customers clearly love them.

These numbers don’t even try to take into account the lifetime value of these customers, just the up front sales numbers.

A lot of companies might be tempted to just stop there, invest their $642.00 and call it a day, but our test did not stop there. 

$17,336.55 In Additional Revenue

With PayPal or any similar checkout process, your $3,209.00 in sales is $3,209.00 in sales and you are back on the hunt for new customers. 

However, using SamCart on this 60-day test paid off in a big way because of one specific feature.

After a customer made their $10.00 purchase, we used SamCart’s easy One-Click Upsell feature to give customers the option to add an additional product or two by simply clicking on a button.

By adding a SamCart One-Click Upsell funnel to this test, we were able to add an additional $45.03 in revenue per customer!

Which means that after going through our SamCart One-Click Upsell funnel, our $10.00 customers were worth an average of $55.03 each.

One-Click Upsells alone brought in $17,336.55 in additional sales.

That means SamCart’s One-Click Upsells accounted for 81.80% of total sales! And adding this one feature meant a 450% increase in total revenue!

A Clear Winner

How does a “One-Click Upsell” work? Well, it’s very simple, but as you can see, gives you powerful results.

Basically, when a user on your site makes an initial purchase, they are at their hottest as far as interest level in your products goes. Years of experience told us we absolutely had to capitalize on that heat. That’s where one-click upsells come in. 

As soon as a user submits payment on their initial product, one-click upsells show the user an additional offer with an easy to use “one-click” purchase button, no additional forms, hassles etc. stand between your customer and whatever companion products you’d like to provide them. 

It’s kind of like when McDonald’s asks you, “Would you like fries with that?”

At the end of the day, that one-click upsell funnel turned that $3,851.00 in sales into a total of $21,850.50 in sales! 

So there you have it, one simple tool accounted for 81.80% in total revenue! How much money could you be leaving on the table by not having one-click upsells in place?

What You Can Do Right Now

With everything we’ve just shared with you, we hope you agree with us that One-Click Upsells are a powerful feature, and realize that you may be leaving large amounts of money “on the table”.

With features like easy One-Click Upsell funnels, SamCart removes the friction between your customers and your products.

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