How To Boost Conversions With A Dollar Trial

May 25, 2017

Want to double your conversions? Swap out your tired, boring offer for a dollar trial.  Make it easy for your customers to say yes. Send twice as many people through your upsell funnels. Grow your customer base faster than ever.  Check out this new tutorial to see how a dollar trial can change your business overnight.  

The Invisible Battle For Your Sales

Whenever a visitor is thinking about buying something from you, there is an invisible battle raging in their mind.  On one hand, they have their money. On the other, they have your "product" (whatever service, good, book, parcel of land, livestock, or anything in between that might be).  People are constantly weighing the value of your product, against the value of the money it takes to buy.  

 Whenever a customer decides your product is more valuable than the money it takes to buy, you make a sale.  Congrats! You have captured a new customer, and passed Economics 101.

Tip The Balance With A Dollar Trial

Now our job is to constantly be considering the following question...  "What can I do to tip the balance in my favor?"  Well one of our favorite strategies is to stop asking for so much cash up front. Instead, let visitors become customers for just a dollar.  

 People don't like to give their money away. When you ask for less money up front, you take away a lot of the risk.  And when your customers don't feel the risk, it is a heck of a lot easier to say "Yes!".  

How To Double Your Customer Base

We get to study a lot of conversion data here at SamCart HQ. So remember this is not just my personal opinion. There's cold hard fact behind this.  The conversion rate on a dollar trial are just under DOUBLE normal checkout conversion rates. Which means you capture twice as many new customers from the same amount of visitors.  When you double your conversions, you can double your upsell profits. Send twice as many customers through your one click upsells, collect twice the sales.  

 And of course you will double your customer base. Businesses with the most customers win.  It is way easier to get a customer to buy more, than it is to go out and find a brand new customer. A bigger customer base means bigger product launches, monthly sales, special offers...  You get the idea. More people through the door, and your entire business grows.

Test Your Own Dollar Trial

Alright, so it's time to introduce your own dollar trial. Now, I don't know what you sell, or how you price it. But regardless of how your business works, there is a way to try out a dollar trial.  Let's look at a few examples. And I'll show you how you can test a dollar trial to your audience.


If you sell a subscription of any kind (like weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, bi-yearly, or decade-ly), you need to test a dollar trial ASAP.  A dollar trial could change your entire business overnight. And here's how I'd do it...  

 The big hook is, "Get your first month for just $1."  Don't charge right away for the first month, let your customers dip their toe in the water first. Get more people "through the door", turn them into thrilled customers, and then worry about collecting that sweet recurring revenue.

High-Ticket Offers

Not a huge fan of the term, but "high-ticket" offers can benefit a lot from using a dollar trial. Any offer that is considerably more expensive than the rest of your stuff would be considered "high-ticket".  But remember, "high-ticket" is a relative term. For some people, $100 can be high-ticket. For others, high-ticket could mean $100,000.  Regardless of what your high-ticket offer is, introduce a dollar trial. Take away the huge risk your customers are feeling, and get more new customers to try out your offer.  

 Here's the main line, "Test drive this offer for just $1.00 today!".  That sound you here is the collective sigh of relief your visitors are breathing. You have just given them permission to become a customer, without attaching any guilt or fear to the decision.  Charge $1.00 today, and then worry about collecting the full price in 7 or 14 days.  Will people cancel? Sure. But by getting as many people through the door as you can, you will always end up with more customers than if you had charged the full price on day 1.

Payment Plans

If your offer charges in several installments (ex: 3 monthly payments of $XX), then a dollar trial could change your world.  The pitch is super simple, "Your first payment is just $1.00."  

 Charge $1.00 today, then start the "3 payments of $XX" after 14 or 30 days. You still collect all the dough in the end, just have to be willing to wait a little longer to get it.  But the point remains the same. By tweaking your offer to start with a dollar trial, you will put twice as many customers through the door.

Build Your Dollar Trial With SamCart

Oh, would you look at that? I guess SamCart makes creating a dollar trial super simple. Weird!  If you want a tool that helps you make changes on the fly, put advanced strategies into play, while keeping everything technically simple...SamCart is here for you.  Creating a dollar trial in SamCart is dead simple. Let's say we wanted to create a dollar trial to SamCart Pro...  Go to your "Products" and create a new product.  

 Give this new product a name, and a description. Or don't, see if I care.  Set the "Product Price" to $1.00. That is the price your customers get today.  

 Set the product to "Recurring Monthly", so customers will get charged every 30 days.  Then sent the "Subscription Price" to $99.00. I know, I know...the screenshot says $97.00. You get the point.  

 Boom. That's it.  Click "Create Product", and you're done. Your product, and checkout page, are all done and ready to accept orders.  

 SamCart is built to help you do the advanced stuff, while keeping everything simple.

Get Started With SamCart

If you want to test your own dollar trial (or any other sort of Advanced Subscription), jump into a SamCart account today. Open up a free trial to SamCart, and see the difference that a simple, effective tool will make in your business.  Visit, and grab your free trial today! Just click the link below and start your free trial now.  

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