AI for eCommerce: Double Your Team’s Output Using AI

April 25, 2023
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Is AI out to replace everyone on your team? No. Can AI 2x+ your team’s output and make existing workflows more efficient? Oh, yeah.

We’ve already shown you how to multiply your sales and multiply your reach using AI for eCommerce, but did you know AI can help your team double their work output? 

Automation is the name of the game. You can leverage several different AI tools to handle certain tasks that need to be done to keep your business afloat so you can keep your focus on adding to your bottom line profit margin while acquiring and maintaining customers.

3 ways to 2x your team’s output using AI

Boost organic referral traffic

People believe the recommendations of other people far, far before they believe in recommendations coming from a business. Full stop.

This is why affiliate marketing or other means of referrals can be such a monumental win for your business. On our proprietary Affiliate Center, creators using affiliates make 3.4x more than those that don’t. On average, they make upwards of $50k or more in additional revenue. Some are even making six figures with only 3-5 solid affiliate or referral partners who regularly invite them on their podcast or send out affiliate marketing materials for their business.

So how do we use AI to boost organic referral traffic and prevent affiliate marketer drop off?

It starts by identifying people in your industry, your own VIP customers or anyone who has expressed particularly strong interest in your products or services, or someone your audience knows, loves, and trusts. If you feed ChatGPT specifics about who your affiliates are and what you hope for them to achieve, you can prompt AI to write you a series of emails that will hook folks in and encourage them to become an affiliate.

From there, AI can be helpful in creating ideas and outlines for additional content, like email swipe files your affiliates can download and add into their own workflow or case studies they can use to showcase your business.

Sourcing, onboarding, and supporting affiliates can feel like a full-time job, but AI makes it easy to automate most of these steps so your affiliate marketing engine can work in tandem with your other strategies.

Boost profits by capturing “lost sales” on autopilot

Lost sales — including cart abandonment and dead payment information — can result in huge net losses for your business. When you use AI to attack these problems head-on, you can add nearly 43% or more to your profit margin.

Mitigating cart abandonment

It happens all the time in eCommerce – someone comes to your shop pages, adds a bunch of products and goodies to their cart, and they’re gone in a flash. At SamCart, we call these folks prospects because there is a great opportunity to recapture these lost sales. In order to target prospects, you need to hit them from one or more angles, be it SMS text reminders, cart abandonment email updates, paid ad retargeting, and more.

We created the Bonus Loop Campaign to solve for this exact scenario:

  • Someone abandons their cart
  • Set up your retargeting messaging drip (be it via email, text, Facebook ads, you name it)
  • Hit them with the 1-2-3:

       → Did you forget something? Remind them of their poor, sad, abandoned cart

→ We’ve added a new bonus onto it (this can be a discount, an additional product, a one-time only feature – anything that will sweeten the pot)

→ Last chance: Make it time-sensitive so they have to act

  • Recoup your profits

We use AI to write our Bonus Loop Campaign email series, ad copy, video scripts, and more. If you prompt ChatGPT with specifics such as, “Write an email to someone who abandoned their cart at checkout and offer them this specific bonus that will end on this day.”

Employing Subscription Saver

If you offer subscriptions or recurring payments of your products or services, you know how big of a pain in the you-know-what it can be when your customer’s payment method declines.

Fear not — AI is here as your Subscription Saver, helping you pen the perfect customized three-email series that gives these customers multiple options to update their payment method. Should they choose not to act or respond, you can easily remove them from their subscription:

  1. Update your card: A nice, gentle reminder that their payment method has failed.
  2. Your attention is needed: Go in with a firmer hand to let them know they need to take swift action in order to stay subscribed.
  3. We’re closing your account: If your customer doesn’t act by a certain day or time, you can close their account and remove them from subscription or recurring payments.

When you take a three-pronged approach and include specific details to the reader, like which plan they’re subscribed to, which payment method it was that failed, even simply using their name in the subject line, these emails can have as high as a 91% open rate and an equally effective response rate. 

Making additional profit can mean simply recouping profits that were lost, and AI can help the team behind these systems create more effective messaging to do so.

Leverage AI to enhance efficiency and scalability by handling repetitive tasks

If you’re still taking all of your customer questions in a support inbox, you’re missing out on an opportunity to lower your team’s burden, get answers to people faster, and improve overall customer experience.

AI chatbots like Chatfuel and ManyChat offer automated chat support services for any tier-1 questions your customers may have. Should automated chat not answer their questions, customers will be transferred to live chat where yourself or someone on your CX team can further handle their inquiry.

Most AI chatbots have an option to add a few frequently asked questions to the initial conversation that will lead customers to where they can find those answers.

AI can also help with repetitive email sends and follow-ups. When you add the ChatGPT Writer Chrome extension, you can prompt AI to respond to emails directly from your inbox to follow up with inquiries, meeting requests, and more.

Finally, automate email follow-up of content you’re wanting to send out to your followers, subscribers, or customers. Did you write a new blog? Create a new video? Have a new product or service to share? Rather than write a new email or series of emails promoting these new things with every launch, prompt ChatGPT to write the emails for you and provide it a call to action to include, whether that be to read, watch, buy, or click.

Let AI 2x Your Team’s Output on SamCart

AI isn’t coming to replace you or your team; rather, it can be a complement to helping people do their jobs more efficiently so they can spend time focusing on scaling and growing business.

Put these and our other AI for eCommerce tips into action on SamCart.

SamCart enables you to create, host, and sell all of your products on one, user-friendly platform. Pair that with our powerful checkout solutions, conversion-boosting features, and rich analytics, and you’re cooking with gas.

Give SamCart a try yourself with our 7-day FREE trial offer.

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