3 Cart Abandonment Campaigns To Boost Sales By +34%

January 22, 2021
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Do you want to boost your sales by 34%? Start by lowering your cart abandonment, and winning back "lost sales" from a small group of your hottest leads. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to pull a huge chunk of extra sales out of thin air, by focusing on your Prospects.

What Is A Good Cart Abandonment Rate?

According to a recent study from Listrak, 72% of people who started placing an order for your product never finish. We in "The Biz" call this Cart Abandonment. And it is silently eating up your profits. If run a quick Google search, you can find dozens of studies and blog posts about how bad cart abandonment is. Decide for yourself wether you think the average cart abandonment rate is 50% or 89%, but there is one fact that the SamCart Database proves is true. Every extra click, every extra keystroke you can remove from your checkout flow will increase your sales. Which is bad news for anyone running their Ecommerce through a tool that can’t remove certain fields you don’t need, or forces your visitors to create an account (or login) before buying. Forcing your customers to jump through these hoops are costing you sales every single day.

Long checkout costs you sales

Thankfully, with SamCart you are in complete control. You can customize exactly how long or short your checkout flow is, and with features like Apple Pay, optimizing your order process is a breeze.

How To Win Back "Lost Sales"

But what do we do with the people who still abandon their order? Those people are the hottest group of potential customers that you will ever have. And if you’re not reaching out to them directly, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Each time a visitor starts placing their order for one of your products on SamCart, their information is captured. If they leave, SamCart will turn them into what we call a "Prospect".

And your Prospects represent a massive opportunity! SamCart is working around the clock to collect Prospects for you. Each Prospect is an opportunity to win-back a lost sale, and grow your bottom line. These are leads that are as close to buying as it gets. All they need is one last little push!

Copy These Cart Abandonment Emails

SamCart makes is simple to identify, and reach out to every single one of your Prospects. All you have to do is open any SamCart Product, and visit the Integrations tab. Then create a new Integration Rule, using "Prospect Created" as the trigger action.

Finish your integration rule by adding your Prospects to your favorite marketing tools for email, text messaging, and more. SamCart integrates with all the top tools you're already using to run your business. The SamCart Integration Engine automates all the most important tasks, no matter what tools are in your "tech stack"!

SamCart will automatically segment your Prospects, so you can reach out directly to every single one. Tag your Prospects in ActiveCampaign, place them on a special list in MailChimp, or send them a text message through Twilio. Regardless of where you're talking with your Prospects, you need to know what to say to win them back! So here 3 of our favorite cart abandonment example campaigns that you can copy & reuse to boost your conversions in minutes. Borrowed from campaigns we have run for years, and some from SamCart's top sellers, you can deploy any of these campaigns and start winning back lost sales. Copy these campaigns, tweak them to fit your brand, and implement them ASAP!

The Bonus Loop

Number one is called The Bonus Loop. When a new prospect is created, use the SamCart Integration Engine to send that Prospect over to a list in your email marketing tool. Then drop Prospects in a Bonus Loop email follow-up campaign. The Bonus Loop campaign is awfully simple. It consists of 3 different emails, over the course of 5 days. The first email should be sent within a few hours of someone abandoning their order. Keep it short. Mention that you noticed they didn’t buy. Then include a link to come back and complete their order.

Make sure to call out a specific part of your offer, just to remind them about what they are getting when they purchase. People have short memories, and most people don't read every word of your offer. So remind them about free shipping, or that extra gift you tossed in for your customers. The second email should be sent out the following day. But this time, include a brand new bonus they weren’t offered before! This new free gift sweetens the pot, and can be that last little incentive a Prospect needs to come back and place their order.

SamCart makes this part easy. Duplicate your page, add in a new paragraph explaining the new bonus, and email the link to your Prospects! The final message should come two days later. This final message provides a deadline. Tell the Prospect this is their last chance to complete their order, and grab the special free gift you have for them. Bonus points if you include a special coupon code as well. Whatever it takes to get them to come back and seal the deal. One SamCart seller told us their conversions went up by a whopping +34% after implementing The Bonus Loop for their best-selling offer!

The Text Bump

The second Cart Abandonment campaign is called The Text Bump. If you are collecting phone numbers from your customer, you can use Zapier to send your prospects over to SMS platforms like Twillio or SalesMSG. Platforms that can help you send a text message to your Prospects, and open up conversations.

Text is a little different than email though. You don’t want to do much selling. You just want to give your prospects a nudge. Keep your messages short. Let them know you noticed they didn’t buy, and see if they have any questions. Provide a link to go back and complete their order. But more importantly, let them know to reach out if they have questions. The text replies you get will be perfect opportunities to smash one big objection, and close the sale. One local business described this “text bump” campaign as “the single most profitable strategy we’ve ever implemented”. Engaging prospects via text is extremely engaging, and opens the door for you to answer that one big question, and win back the sale.

The Dial Up

Number three is good old fashion phone sales. This might make you squirm a bit in your seat. I know, who uses a phone as a phone anymore? Smart business owners, that's who. Picking up the phone and just calling your Prospects could be the single biggest driver of new sales you implement this year. Calling your Prospects is especially powerful if you are selling something that costs more than $100. High-priced services, live event tickets, expensive online courses, or customized physical products are all great candidates for this Cart Abandonment campaign.

When you speak live with your Prospects, you knock out two birds with one stone. Most people are one big question away from buying. You create an opportunity to answer that question, while at the same time giving your customers a human touch that will separate you from your competition. Service sells. Let your customers know what type of service they can expect by giving a true personal touch.

Download These Campaigns

Your Prospects are a gold mine of new sales. To help you get the most out of your Prospects, download these Cart Abandonment campaigns now! You will get pre-written scripts for creating Bonus Loop and Text Bump campaigns of your own.

Download three cart abandonment email examples

Customize these scripts with your own offer, and start converting new sales from your Prospects today.

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