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How SamCart Improved Our Conversion Rate by 19.6%


At SamCart, we are constantly mining through conversion data to find ways to deliver better and better results to our customers: higher conversion rates, increasing lifetime customer value, more monthly revenue, you get the idea.

So when our most recent test revealed that one of the SamCart checkout page designs increased conversions by 19.6%, we wanted to create a quick case study so that you could benefit from what the data is showing us.

How Did SamCart Improve Conversion Rates By 19.6%?

One of the biggest missed opportunities for many businesses is the checkout experience.

I’m sure you spend huge amounts of creativity, time, and effort into convincing people to purchase. But how much time and energy is put into the checkout process every visitor must go through in order to actually become a paying customer?

Most business owners are content to simply send potential customers to a generic checkout page and hope for the best. But the reality is that your checkout process is costing you sales.

And you are not alone…

Over 80% of users surveyed by Paypal reported abandoning a shopping cart in the previous last 12 months at an average value of $112.00 in that shopping cart.

In addition to this, a research group named Baymard compiled checkout page statistics from several big data companies including IBM to report that the average checkout page abandonment rate is 67.91% web-wide.

The good news is, there are simple tweaks out there to stop the bleeding. While others are content to hope for the best, we have been relentlessly testing the checkout process, and it has been paying dividends.

Here’s how SamCart is helping its users beat that statistic this by nearly 20%:

Below is an example of the SamCart checkout page we used for our latest test. We will walk through each highlighted page elements below.

SamCart Checkout Page Design1) Restate The Value

The first thing visitors see when visiting this checkout page is the name, short description, and visual graphic for the product they are purchasing.

Providing a visual for the purchase helps the visitor create a much more concrete idea of what they are purchasing, which keeps the perceived value of your product high!

Use a short description to restate the main benefits your customers will experience after completing their purchase.

2.) Provide An Explicit Guarantee

Most visitors to your checkout page are actively searching for reasons not to buy. Our job is to combat the common objections that could keep potential customers from completing their order.

Providing an explicit guarantee helps combat what is perhaps the biggest objection in everyone’s mind, “What if I don’t like this?”

Our example provides a 30-day Money-Back guarantee. You could provide whatever type of guarantee you would like, but providing any type of guarantee directly combats the feeling of risk your visitors are experiencing.

3.) Continue To Add Value

Always restate the main benefits your customer will experience after purchasing your product somewhere on your checkout page, and if applicable, add additional value as well!

You would be amazed at how quickly your visitors can forget why they were so excited to purchase your product or service.

Restate the main benefits of your product directly on your checkout page, and reinforce why your customer should continue with their purchase.

4.) Lean On Trusted Authorities

Have you ever decided not to purchase something for fear of your private information being compromised?

Everyone has been to an untrustworthy looking checkout page before, it doesn’t feel good, and it doesn’t help people buy.

To combat this feeling, many checkout pages place “security badges” or generic “trust seals” onto their checkout pages. But that is simply not enough for people to feel their information is secure.

Instead, SamCart’s design is able to lean on the established credibility of the payment processor powering this particular transaction. You are no longer hoping the customer trusts your brand enough to complete a purchase!

You can provide the added assurance that their sensitive information is in the hands of trusted authorities in online security.

5.) Consistent Design

The last thing to highlight is the overall design aesthetic of the page. It may sound simple, but this checkout page looks beautiful.

There is simply no excuse for operating your business from generic-looking, outdated checkout pages. Users expect more, and a well designed checkout process gives your brand an added layer of professionalism in the minds of your visitors.

Also, with your company logo and contact info at the top of the page, your visitors will have a consistent experience going from website to checkout. 

Your visitors will not have to wonder if they took a wrong turn somewhere, because your branding will instantly assure them they are still dealing with the same brand.

The Results

By using a SamCart checkout page, with these design elements built-in, we were able to convert 2,106 out of 5,485 of checkout page visitors into paying customers during our 60-day test.

That means this SamCart checkout page converted a whopping 38.39% of visitors into paying customers!

We were able to setup this checkout page in less than 10 minutes. SamCart’s easy to use interface made creating this checkout page a breeze, and the results speak for themselves.

When you add in the additional revenue we were able to collect by utilizing SamCart’s one-click upsell feature, we were able to collect several times more revenue than when we used a traditional shopping cart.

What Does This Mean For You?

We in the digital marketing world thrive on numbers and percentages, but let’s make this a little more real. Imagine you sell a $100.00 product, and have 1,000 people visit to your checkout page. 

That 20% improvement in conversion rates is the difference between $32,000.00 in sales, and $38,390.00.

I know which number I’d rather see! That quick example is not even counting repeat sales from those extra customers or potential sales from SamCart’s one-click upsell feature (which is responsible for over 46% of total sales for this brand).

Here’s What To Do Next…

With everything we’ve just shared, we hope you agree with us that shopping cart conversion rates are not something you can neglect.

SamCart includes easy to use templates so our customers can enjoy the same results without the years of hard work, countless tests, and complicated coding & design work required to duplicate what we’ve done for you. 

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