How To Convert +17.8% More Customers With Payment Options

November 30, 2016

Pay Today - Or 'Lay Away'? Watch this video below and discover how to convert 17.8% more customers by offering payment options on your checkout page!

A Huge Opportunity

If you are only offering a single payment option on your checkout page, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Because it turns out, adding a second payment option on your checkout page , and giving your customers the ability to choose the billing that is right for them, has a big impact on your bottom line. In fact, studying the SamCart database has shown that adding a second payment option to your checkout page increases checkout page conversion by +17.8%!


That's +17.8% more customers, just by adding a little bit of choice on your checkout page.

Advanced Features, Made Simple

And as it turns out, adding multiple payment options to a SamCart checkout page is super simple. From any SamCart product, you can use a simple drop-down menu to add a second payment option to any SamCart checkout page. Select a product, save your changes, and you're done! Just like that, you have multiple payment options up and running, so you're ready to capture more customers than ever! Your customers can choose the billing that is right for them, and checkout. No tech headaches, not a single line of code. Just advanced features made simple with SamCart!

2 Strategies To Convert More Customers

When it comes to the strategy of using multiple payment options, there are two ideas that stand out from the pack.

Simple SamCart Payment Plans

The first is to introduce a Payment Plan. So if your product is a one time payment, offer a second payment option that breaks up the cost into smaller monthly chunks! For example, if your product is $100, offer a payment option that is 4 monthly payments of $25.00. Click the image below to see a live example! Here is a SamCart checkout page using multiple payment options to introduce a payment plan.


Not everyone will be able to pay for this product in full. But with a payment plan available, you will be able to convert more customers and sell more products, without needing any extra visitors to your checkout page.

Increase Average Customer Value With A 'Pre-Upsell'

The second strategy is to use what we call, "Pricing Tiers". So if you are selling a "Basic" package at one price, introduce a second payment option that upgrades customers to an "Expert" package at a higher price! For example, if you sell a "Basic" package at $97, offer a second payment option for an "Expert" page at $197.00. Introduce some added bonuses for "Expert" package customers, and you'll be growing your average customer value immediately. Click the image below to see a live example of one SamCart checkout page offering a pricing tier...


Using multiple payment options to offer different pricing tiers acts like an upsell right on your checkout page! Increase your average customer value, just by giving your customers the opportunity to purchase more expensive products. All made extremely simple, with SamCart's multiple payment options feature.

Get Started With SamCart Today

Regardless of which strategy you use, the stats are clear. Giving your customers the ability to choose the payment option that is right for them means huge things for your checkout page conversion, and for your bottom line. So if you want to easily add multiple payment options to your checkout pages, without any of the tech headaches, visit and open up your SamCart account today.

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