Maximize Your Black Friday Success

Black Friday is fast approaching, and the race to maximize your sales has never been more intense. Are you prepared to make this Black Friday weekend your most profitable one yet? We've got you covered with our exclusive 6 Steps to a 5-Figure Black Friday Course. Discover the strategies and features that will take your sales to new heights!

Here’s how you can 3x conversions this Black Friday with SamCart

Cart Abandonment

Unleash the potential to increase your sales by a staggering 15 times! Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to higher profits. Our course will show you how.

Upsells and Order Bumps

Elevate your Average Order Value by an impressive 129%! SamCart users made $9.7m in free money from Upsells and Order Bumps last Black Friday, so learn how to implement these strategies effectively this holiday season.


Supercharge your conversion rate by an incredible 30%! Convert more visitors into loyal customers and watch your business thrive.

Buy Now Pay Later

Witness a substantial 40% boost in your conversion rates! Tap into a massive customer base that's ready to shop. Our course will guide you through it all.

Ready-Made Templates for Your Success

That's not all: We're not just sharing tips, we're also sharing customizable templates designed to enhance your marketing outreach efforts to get your audience lined up for your Black Friday sale. Whether they’re SMS or email templates, our team breaks down each option and offers real-world examples tailored to your business.
What’s Included
Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Make this Black Friday your most profitable ever. Position your business for unparalleled success.
Your journey to higher conversion rates, increased Average Order Value, and maximized profits begins with a simple click. Click the link below to download the course that will transform your business.
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6-Steps to a 5-Figure Black Friday

Check out the 6 Steps to a 5-Figure Black Friday course within the corresponding slide deck our team has shared here. Scott Moran, Co-Founder of SamCart, goes into detail about all of the ways you could find success this Black Friday. Be sure to watch the corresponding webinar here.

Black Friday SMS Templates

Included in this download are proven SMS (Text Messaging) templates that our team has used for our own Black Friday promos. You can easily plug in and tweak your brand messaging all while keeping it short and simple.

Black Friday Ad Templates

Ad messaging can be tricky. Use these proven ad templates and headlines by easily filling in the blanks. Run these as ads wherever your audience might be—Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok!

Black Friday Email Templates

Looking for high open rates on your emails? This download provides you with our favorite copy-and-paste email templates to share with your audience. Get them excited and ready to buy by plugging in your Black Friday offer.

Black Friday 90-Second Video Sales Letter

Create a quick and simple VSL (Video Sales Letter) with this template. Easily add in your offer and tweak it for your business needs. Share your video on Instagram Reels, TikTok, or any social platform to close some sales.