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Decrypt Your Data With Personalized Reports

Boost profits by arming your team with in-depth reports. Go above and beyond standard e-commerce reports, and gain insights that lead to more sales, lower refunds, and stronger retention.

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Churn Analysis

Customer Lifetime Value

Active Subscriptions

Average Revenue Per Account

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SamCart’s Custom Reporting provides enterprise-level data direct to your inbox. Stop fighting spreadsheets and ditch overpriced “business intelligence” tools. Let SamCart show you exactly where to find hidden profits with reports for every angle of your business.

AOV reporting screen
Order Analytics

Unlock new sources for profit by focusing on growing Average Order Value, reducing refund rates, and upsell take rates.

Subscriptions reporting screen
Recurring Subscriptions

Discover how long your customers are “sticking”, how much each subscriber is really worth, and the real completion rate for your payment plans.

LV reporting screen
Lifetime Value & Beyond

Intelligently scale with actionable insights into customer lifetime value, cash forecasting, and monthly recurring revenue.

Dive Deep with Robust Business Analytics

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Monthly Recurring Revenue

Understand your new MRR, contraction MRR, expansion MRR, and churn MRR. Plus we will include support for non-monthly and non-annual products.

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Churn Rate

Easily track your customer churn on a monthly basis, customized by timeframe. This includes detailed customer data to identify where churn is coming from.

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Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA)

Track the sum of all paid subscriptions and number of customers at the end of each month, so calculating your ARPA is quick and easy.

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Active Subscriptions

View your customers’ current subscriptions for a useful and clear analysis.

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Order Bump & Upsell Breakdowns

Analyze how order bumps and upsells affect your average order value (AOV), revenue, and conversion rates to understand how they impact your business and how to leverage them.

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Cash Forecast

Using your current active subscriptions and scheduled rebill dates, we can forecast your expected cash for the next 15 months.

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Average Order Value

Determine the average dollar amount customers spend when they make a purchase from your website.

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Complete vs. Incomplete Subscriptions

See how many of your customers are completing their payment plans.

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Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Utilize ARPA and Churn Rate to calculate how much a customer will spend on your products throughout your relationship with them and understand their interests and habits more clearly.

Reverse icon

Easily track the sum of refunds your customers request per month.

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Refund Rates

Quickly view what percentage of your monthly product sales result in a refund to better understand your retained monthly revenue.

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