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Now you can create, sell, and deliver your courses, all within SamCart. (included free in all plans!)

SamCart Coures App

Launch Your Course in 2 Minutes Flat

SamCart Courses™ is powerful and easy to use, giving you the best chance to build a profitable course business.


Set Up Your Course

Create an entire online course within minutes that your students will love. We’ll handle all the heavy lifting.

  • Video + Images
  • Text + Audio
  • Downloads
  • Worksheets + Quizzes
  • Content Tiers
  • Dripped Content
SamCart Course Templates

Pick A Sales Page Template

Start selling your course in no time without worrying about being an expert at design or technology with SamCart’s pre-designed course sales page templates.

  • Videos + Images
  • Headlines + Text
  • Countdown Timers
  • Testimonials
  • Guarantees
  • FAQs
Manage Your Students

Start Enrolling New Students

Easily accept new orders and manage everything in one place, saving you tons of time and headaches along the way.

  • Student management
  • Student importing
  • Progress tracking
  • Task automation

Course Cross-Sells™

Course Cross-Sells™ let you advertise your other courses and products to your students from within their already purchased courses using the payment method from their original order in just a couple of clicks.

  • More Sale Opportunities
  • Streamlined Process
  • Instant Payments
  • Multiple Cross-Sells

Available on SamCart Grow, SamCart Scale and SamCart Enterprise plans.


Auto-Enroll™ Technology

Instead of losing 30% of your students, our new Auto-Enroll™ technology drops them right into their course immediately after they buy. No more complicated login processes, lost passwords, or hours answering angry emails.

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  • How can I move my existing courses into SamCart?

    Although there isn’t an automated way to migrate your existing courses into our Courses App yet, it’s just a quick copy-paste and you’re done (our early adopters have clocked it in at 2-mins)! Contact our team today and we’ll get you started.

  • Is there an additional cost to use SamCart Courses?

    Nope. It’s baked into all Launch, Grow, and Scale accounts at no extra cost.

  • What can I integrate Courses with?

    Because the Courses feature is built within the SamCart platform, all existing SamCart integrations are available. See the full list here.

  • What if I don’t already have a course or product created?

    Totally fine. If you’re starting off with the discounted yearly plan, you’ll get access to our Course Creation Challenge which will walk you through the entire process.

  • What happens when my yearly subscription renews?

    When your yearly subscription renews, or your trial period ends, you’ll be locked in with unlimited courses and unlimited students for life. If you paid a discounted price to get started, we’ll honor that yearly rate for your account’s lifetime.

  • Am I locked into a subscription?

    Absolutely not. You’re never locked into any subscription or long-term contract with SamCart.

  • How can I see the performance of my course?

    Course creators can track the performance of their courses within their SamCart account. Stats like course progress and quiz completion are available alongside SamCart’s standard product reporting.

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Try it free for 14 days. Cancel anytime.