5 Illuminating Data Points Uncovered from SamCart’s 2023 Creator Profits Report

August 30, 2023
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SamCart’s 2023 Creator Profits Report is the culmination of every finding, tactic, and strategy we’ve uncovered from studying 17,507 creators across 14 industries that have netted $3.5 billion in sales.

We pored over the data, extracted everything that makes SamCart’s top creators so successful, and compiled them into a report that every creator needs to read.

If you sell anything online – products, services, goods – be them physical or digital, it’s imperative you know where you fall in the greater landscape of creators. This can be hard to do, especially if you’re a solopreneur. We created 2023 Creator Profits Report to help you understand where you stack up and allow you to access acquisition, marketing, sales, and retention strategies of multi-million dollar creators.

See the 2023 Creator Profits Report here, and keep reading for deeper insight on 5 of our favorite data points and insights uncovered in the book.

5 Must-See Stats from SamCart’s 2023 Creator Profits Report

Social media is the best place to acquire new customers – and Facebook is the winning platform

Acquiring customers is one thing – getting them to your sales pages and checkout funnels is another. Across every industry, social media over-indexed as the best place to acquire new customers, and Facebook was the major outlier for every type of creator. Other channels that tout better acquisition, namely Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, fell distantly behind.

Traffic acquisition sources by GMV pie chart
Acquisition by social channel

You don’t even have to amass a massive following. Our studies show that even if you can generate even 200-300 clicks from social media each month, you could have a multiple six-figure business on your hands. 

Clicks, of course, being the operative word there – followers are passive bystanders. Once they actually click through, become interested in what you’re selling, and make a purchase, then they become the paying customer you need.

Top creators heavily leverage affiliate marketing

There are a million and a half ways to market your products, services, or offerings that you sell digitally. The one we see bode the best for our highest earners on SamCart is affiliate marketing.

Data project plots graph
Highest earning creators use affiliates to market their offerings

In fact, more than half of SamCart creators who earn $500k or more in sales use affiliates to share their products with a wider audience, compared to only 17% of those who earn between $10k and $500k.

So why is there such a divide? From our data, we can deduce that top earners (mid-six figures and above) leverage affiliate marketing heavier because it frees up their time and money to focus on other strategies like customer retention and improving checkout processes.

Want to increase AOV? Using upsell features more than doubles creator’s revenue on SamCart

Our mission at SamCart, from day one, has been this: To help creators make more money.

Instead of pouring all of your efforts into acquisition and marketing, the SamCart success model is simple – make more money from the customers you’re already getting. Thus, we became the top eCommerce platform for creators, offering them ways to make more money from existing customers with features like  order bumps, upsells, and more.

Our creators have taken these features and run with them. In fact, SamCart creators that use order bumps and upsells more than double their amount of revenue by increasing AOV by +129%. 

Average GMV upsells chart
Creators who use upsells have 5x the AOV than those who don't

Again – and you’ll notice this trend as you read through your copy of the book – top sellers look for more efficient ways to make more money. That could mean, in some cases, pausing or scaling back on acquisition. That way, you can invest more resources in creating additional revenue from your existing and returning customers.

Nearly half of the revenue creators make on SamCart is from their returning buyers

On the topic of repeat customers, our data uncovered that only ~12% of purchases on SamCart are made by returning purchasers.

Initially, you may think “What’s the big deal then?”

44% of the total revenue made on SamCart is made from those 11.81% of repeat customers.

Repeat customers make up nearly half of all revenue made on SamCart by creators

Once you have customers, maintaining a relationship and creating products, services, or offerings they could need is juice that’s worth the squeeze when you note that nearly half of your revenue could potentially come from under 12% of your customer base.

How checkout can be the game-changer for customer retention

Ah, the checkout process – the part of every customer’s journey that makes or breaks their sale. 

Luckily, that dilemma has been the focus of SamCart’s efforts over the last year. You can learn more about our newly released features here, but we want to zero-in on one in particular: Embedded Checkout.

We released Embedded Checkout as part of our Checkout Anywhere suite of new features on July 25th, and almost immediately one creator saw their conversion rate jump from 3.15% to 8.91% because they were able to place their checkout where their customers already live.

When your customers are confident in the ease and speed of your checkout experience, they’ll return time and time again when that trust has been secured.

See SamCart’s Creator Profits Report and replicate the victories of our top creators

Creators everywhere can find actionable data and insights from the 2023 Creator Profits Report, which can be accessed here. Regardless of what you sell, where you sell it, and how much you sell it for, there are aspects to every creator’s business that warrants improvement. We hope this book will illuminate which ones can move the needle for you and how you benchmark against the broader market.

Now, if you want to replicate the success of our 6, 7, even 8-9+ figure creators, try SamCart free for 7 days to see why creators on our platform can net more profit from fewer customers in less time.

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