14 SamCart Product Updates To Ring In 2018

December 31, 2017
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SamCart is closing out 2017 with a bang. Our team has been chained to their desks since Labor Day (don’t worry, we fed them) working hard at some huge projects.

While we’ve been doing cartwheels here at SamCart HQ along the way, the benefits of all this hard work have been harder to see from the customer side of things.

Well thankfully, that ends today. Because we have a whole slew of updates (both big and small) to kick you into the New Year!

Before we go any further, just want to highlight some milestones from the SamCart Community that we are enormously proud of.

SamCart Users Sell $300MM In 2017

In 2017, SamCart users sold over $300 Million of their order products and services!

That’s $300,000,000.00 worth of music files, custom art designs, training courses, teacup pigs, website hosting, website plugins, audio-mixing apps, paid traffic campaigns, personalized meal plans, live event tickets, and so much more.

We love supporting so many motivated, forward-thinking, badass business owners. SamCart Sellers, you rock. And we can’t wait to show you what we have next.

SamCart Support Rating = 94%

Back in April, we made a very public promise to you.

I wasn’t happy with SamCart’s Customer Support at the time. And I promised we would dedicate serious time and resources to change that.

So I am thrilled to say that we are closing out the year with a 94% Customer Satisfaction rating from our incredible Customer Support team for the month of December…

SamCart Customer Support Rating

We are supporting more customers than ever, and our whole team is thrilled to be earning rave reviews about the service they get from our Customer Support team. If anyone on our team has gone above and beyond to help you out, give them a shout out in the comments below!

The 14 New Year’s SamCart Updates

Without any further adieu, I present the 14 newest updates and features to SamCart. Some of these are available immediately, others will be added to your account in January.

Here we go…

1: The SamCart Buy Button

Want to send more blog readers, homepage visitors, and sales page browsers to your checkout pages to place an order? Then checkout the new SamCart Buy Button.

Strategically drop unlimited SamCart Buy Buttons around your site, and convert more browsers into paying customers. Visitors click on the animated Buy Button, and are taken directly to your checkout pages to place an order.

2: United States Armed Forces Addresses

Shipping products to members of the US Armed Forces? Throw traditional addresses out the window.

But every SamCart checkout page now supports full US Armed Forces address for both billing and shipping information.

Select the United States for the country. Then select from Armed Forces America, Pacific, or Europe states. And your product will be safely on its way.

3: Need For Speed

SamCart now moves as fast as you do, with even the most data-packed reports loading in just a fraction of the time.

Having the data you need is critical (and we’ll talk more about data down the page…), and you need it as fast as you can get it. As SamCart’s customer base grows, we want you to know that SamCart is ready to grow with it.

We have been streamlining a bunch of “under the hood stuff”, with the goal of making sure you can create products, customize checkout pages, manage orders, and check your stats as quickly as possible.

Your reports process data up to 10x faster. Which means you can get your Prospects, Affiliate Ledgers, Sales by Product, Refunded Products, and Dunning stats in the blink of an eye.

Oh and did we mention that your checkout pages are loading faster, too? So your customers can go from browsing to buying even faster.

4: Mobile Conversions

You’ve heard it a million times, right? Mobile traffic is where it’s at.

Well we’ve given your mobile conversions another boost by reworking how SamCart checkout templates load up on mobile devices. Your checkout pages load faster, display more of the conversion-boosting stuff (bullet points, testimonials, guarantees…), and are easier than ever to fill out on just about every mobile device.

5: HeadWay Updates

As we ramp up to even bigger updates, we want you to have the inside look at exactly what we’re up to in the office.

So if you ever want to see the latest feature releases from the SamCart Office, just head over to the SamCart Updates page (you can also find this from inside of your SamCart Dashboard)!

You can keep tabs on exactly what new features are being made to the tool, exactly as we release them. And stay tuned, because everything we’ve listed so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

All these updates to speed are just by-products of some much larger projects. The real benefits you’ll see in the next few weeks and months.

6: Automate Your Membership Site

Everyone knows SamCart can automatically enroll new customers directly into your Membership Site. Every customer gets exactly what they need, every time.

Well, now SamCart can help you protect your premium content from people who aren’t paying for it. Check one box inside of SamCart, and you can revoke access to your courses if a customer refunds their purchase.

That button has been a SamCart staple for a long time. But now, you can use the same checkbox to remove customers whose subscription is cancelled, or delinquent on their payments.

The Data Stuff

Alright so there’s the lighter stuff, the appetizers. Now let’s get back to one of the core pieces your business needs to thrive in 2018. Let’s talk about data…

7: The New Subscription Report (Coming: January)

The health of your recurring revenue is critical to your business. Wether you’re selling SaaS, paid newsletters, recurring services, or anything in between, you need to know how your subscriptions are performing.

The brand new Subscription Report will provide insights to fuel your growth. Imagine knowing exactly what move to make next, armed with stats on…

  • How well your trials are converting to paid customers…
  • How many active trials you have ready to convert…
  • Your total recurring revenue, and what product(s) are creating it…
  • When customers are cancelling and how to stop them…

This new report is designed to help you see behind the numbers, and move your business strategically. No more guessing what to do next. Read the report, and make your next move.

8: The New Failed Charges Report (Coming: January)

This new report shows you every single failed charge that occurs in your business. So anytime a customer fails to complete their order on a checkout page, has their card declined when adding a one click upsell, or fails to pay a subscription payment…you will have a full report.

Close the sale with a little extra customer service razzle dazzle, and easily re-capture the sales that are slipping through the cracks right now.

9: Export Your Reports (Coming: Yep, January)

You need the data in your own hands. And that’s exactly what SamCart is going to let you do. In addition to adding more information to every export in the tool…

Starting January 15th, every report in SamCart will be exportable directly to your computer. So you can take the raw data for any report, and run your own analysis! Here’s a full list of the reports you will be able to export…

  • Affiliates
  • Sales By Date
  • Sales By Product
  • Refunded Products
  • Upsell Funnels
  • Dunning

Get a list of all new orders that were referred by that one affiliate, and get their information over to your fulfillment center.

Find out the real refund rate for that product you sold a bunch of last month.

Discover how that new one click upsell funnel is growing your Average Customer Value.

All of the data you need, right at your fingertips. Export every report right to your computer, starting January 15th.

The Big Stuff

Here comes the steak. The main course. The good stuff. Here are some things we’ve been working towards for a long time, and are very happy to start rolling out “Round 1” of updates to some core components of SamCart.

10: Custom Fields (Also, January)

You guessed it, starting on January 15th you will be able to collect custom fields on your SamCart checkout pages.

Which means you can collect things like size, color, dates, special instructions for the order, where they heard about you, and anything else you can think of.

Use SamCart to create your own custom fields, and customize your checkout process to fit your needs.

The SamCart Affiliate Center (You Guessed it: January)

The Affiliate Center is one of our most popular features. Built-in affiliate tracking enables your business to be brought to new audiences, and build new channels for traffic and sales.

The goal has always been to give you advanced features with the token simplicity you love about SamCart. Well we’re excited to roll out a whole new round of updates that give you even more tools to grow your business, while keeping everything simple.

11: Manually Adjustments To The Ledger

Ever wanted to add in a quick transaction to an Affiliate’s ledger? Well soon you can.

Want to send an affiliate a chunk of their commission a little early? Just enter in how much you paid them, and their next payout will automatically reflect the changes.

Want to credit an affiliate for a new deal you closed off-line? Add a new manual adjustment to their ledger, and it will add the commissions to their account.

Working with an equity split? Quickly create an adjustment to their ledger for their cut of the sales generated.

12: Pay Affiliates When You Want

With these new updates, you can change the payout period from 30 days to whatever you’d like!

Want instant commissions? Set the payout period to zero. Want commissions to be payable after 60 days instead of 30? You guessed it, change your payout period to 60.

Point is, your in control.

13: Track Your Affiliate’s Leads

SamCart’s Affiliate Center let’s your affiliates send traffic to any page on the internet. No matter what path a visitor takes back to your SamCart checkout page, the right affiliate gets credit for the sale.

Because of that, sellers often have affiliates promote squeeze pages, webinar registrations, or ‘Coming Soon’ pages. They can capture the lead first, and make the sale later on, while still giving commission to the right affiliate.

Well we wanted to give you the ability to track the leads your affiliates send, as well as the sales. So SamCart now passes the URL Parameter “?sc_ref=[Affiliate Token]” through every SamCart affiliate link.

You can capture that parameter as a hidden field, and run reports in your email marketing tool to see how many leads your affiliates have sent!

14: Data, Data, Data

The Affiliate Center has gotten the same treatment as every other page inside of SamCart. Even with huge amount of data, the page load speeds are lightning fast.

You (and your affiliates!) now have more information available, and all of the data is exportable for you to use however you need.

The entire Affiliate Center is designed to let you have all the information you need, all in one place. It’s still the simplest Affiliate Tracking tool on the planet, just with a few new tricks up its sleeve.

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