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April 16, 2019
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Have you ever heard what Jay Abraham calls, “The Only 3 Ways To Grow A Business”?

“Turn more prospects into paying customers, get each customer to buy more at each purchase, and get each customer to buy more often.”

Jay Abraham

This idea is the core of what SamCart is all about. We are always hunting for innovative ways to help you sell more products…to more people…more often.

At least that what the the tattoo on our foreheads say. Company requirement.

So let’s uncover SamCart’s newest feature, a powerfully simple button that sells more products to your existing customers.

SamCart’s Add To Order Button

After a customer places an order, SamCart securely stores their payment information.

If that customer ever wants to purchase another product from you, renew a subscription, refill their supply, or anything in between, you can use SamCart’s “Add To Order” button to purchase products for them, using the payment information from their last order.

You can now sell more products to more customers without having to create a new checkout page, remembering to email the right link, and then hoping they don’t change their mind before completing a new purchase!

With SamCart’s Add To Order feature, you simply find their last order, choose any product, and SamCart takes care of the rest.

You easily sell more products, save your own valuable time, and keep your customers happy with quick transactions.

And the best part is, SamCart’s Add To Order feature works wether your customer paid with a credit card or PayPal.

Let’s see how this Add To Order button is being put to good use in the real world…

How To Close More Clients

James Grandstaff, of, has clients who pay him monthly fees in exchange for running their Facebook Advertising campaigns.

James trusts SamCart with all of his client payments and subscriptions. And here is exactly how he uses Add To Order to close more clients…

After potential clients purchase a one-on-one Facebook Advertising strategy session from one of James’ SamCart checkout pages, James discusses his other services over the phone.

When a client is ready to pull the trigger and hire James, he uses SamCart’s “Add To Order” button to close the new clients right there on the spot!

James simply opens up the client’s order inside of SamCart, and uses the “Add To Order” button to start a new monthly subscription, billed to the client’s card on file.

Simple as that.

And this little button has produced big results for James’ revenue.

My close rate got a nice little bump thanks to the new “Add To Order” feature. I no longer email the checkout page link when starting with a new client (and wait for them to signup!).

I just login to SamCart and click one button to add a coaching package to their existing order while I still have them on the phone!

James Grandstaff,

How To Sell More Tickets

The folks over at Get 10,000 Fans hold a live event twice each year called “The Fan Page Funnel Bootcamp“.

This live event brings a small group of business owners together for a 2-day “bootcamp” where their entire sales funnel is mapped out with a team of online marketing experts.

No cheap weekend getaway, tickets cost $5,000.00 each. So how does this event fill up every time?

With one or two quick emails, and SamCart’s “Add to Order” button.

A few weeks before the event, an email gets sent out to Get 10,000 Fans’ best customers. The email simply outlines the details of the event and asks for anyone interested to reply back with any questions.

Replies are taken care of by the customer support team, and when a customer is ready to reserve their seat, those same customer support specialists can go into SamCart, locate a previous order, and run the new charge for the live event ticket to the customer’s card already on file.

A pain-free transaction for the customer, and the company.

Sell More Through Customer Support

And while we’re on the topic…

A wise business owner once told me, “Think of your Customer Support as a Profit Center. It’s the perfect place to suggest more products, and make extra sales.”

Anytime you interact with customers, you have an opportunity to sell more products. And no one interacts more with your customers than customer support.

You want an quick bump to your monthly sales? Have your Customer Support team start suggesting additional products to happy customers.

Doesn’t need to be pushy, just simple suggestions will do just fine.

When customers respond positively, your support team only needs 7 magic words, “Should I use the card on file?”

Your support team easily uses SamCart’s Add to Order button, and the happy customer has painlessly made another purchase they wouldn’t have made otherwise.

How SamCart Can Grow Your Sales

This brand new Add To Order feature is now live inside of every SamCart account!

See SamCart in action by registering for a Live Demo of the entire tool, and discover why thousands of businesses are making the switch to the simple new shopping cart.

Join us live, and download your own copy of “The 1 Page Funnel”, the powerful email template used to sell the live event tickets mentioned above!

Click below now to reserve your seat at our next live demo now.

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