Hi. We’re SamCart.

We are startup veterans, marketing savants, experience experts, and eCommerce bosses. Our goal is to build the industry-leading checkout platform that increases conversions and maximizes profits from every sale.

Brian Moran
Co-founder (Ambassador of Buzz)
Scott Moran
Co-founder (Mechanical Pencil Wrangler)
Justin Smith
Product (Insert Funny Title)
Holly Beer
Operations (VP, Getting Sh!t Done)
Rico Smith
Client Success (Shadow Operative)
Matt Frieswyk
Product (Sir Codes A Lot)
Brandon Dickerson
Client Success (Sir Billington)
Chris Scheben
Client Success (MoonPie Enthusiast)
Erin Lowell
Client Success (Master Fixer & Smile Specialist)
Zach Moore
Product (Ping Pong Champion)
Alex Olszewski
Product (Professional Nerd)
Nate Johnson
Marketing (Waterpark Architect)
Alicia Holliday
Operations (Vibe Manager)