Hi. We’re SamCart.

We are startup veterans, marketing savants, experience experts, and eCommerce bosses. Our goal is to build the industry-leading checkout platform that increases conversions and maximizes profits from every sale.

Brian Moran
Co-founder (Ambassador of Buzz)
Scott Moran
Co-founder (Mechanical Pencil Wrangler)
Justin Smith
Product (Insert Funny Title)
Holly Beer
Operations / Client Success (VP, Getting Sh!t Done)
Rico Smith
Client Success (Shadow Operative)
Matt Frieswyk
Product (Sir Codes A Lot)
Brandon Dickerson
Client Success (Sir Billington)
Chris Scheben
Client Success (MoonPie Enthusiast)
Rachel Thompson
Client Success (Queen of Impulse Buys)
Breanna Wheeler
Client Success
Zach Moore
Product (Ping Pong Champion)
Alex Olszewski
Product (Professional Nerd)
Nate Johnson
Marketing (Waterpark Architect)
Alicia Holliday
Operations (Vibe Manager)
Chad Leis
Client Success (Skrrttt)