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SamCart Takeover: HINDZ



HINDZ is an artist and storyteller from Vancouver who will tell you that his credentials are in his spirit, and he puts his spirit on display on various platforms.

He’s got over half a million subscribers on YouTube. He’s got another half million on TikTok. He’s built a tribe of well over a million people, and we haven’t even mentioned his 100K followers on Instagram, his podcast and Spotify playlist.

Creators like HINDZ are growing in importance and notoriety, because the gift they give to the world…is a better world.

That’s never a bad thing.

HINDZ helps us get through our day. So this SamCart Takeover is a symbolic raising of our tea cup in appreciation, respect and good vibes.

Much of HINDZ’ content is centered around wellness and positivity. He does a masterful job of not compromising his brand for a buck. He routinely rejects offers from companies and leaves money on the table if those companies and their offers don’t align with his values. 

We respect the heck out of that. 

However, we feel like HINDZ could not only do himself a favor, but do his tribe a favor by showing how owning one’s creative outlet and selling machine can make a dream life. A simple “Meditation Suite” of digital products can do that.

Meditation’s sweet.

Check out all of HINDZ’ sites, and tell him we sent you. Actually, he doesn’t have a proper dedicated website just like Cristie Miller, a SamCart creator who’s made over seven figures without a dedicated website and no blog

We’ll leave you with some words from HINDZ we feel anyone thinking about starting an online business should hear.


You got this 🍵

♬ original sound – HINDZ

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