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How Dr. Leslie Lewis Grew Her Business in a Pandemic

It’s always great to see newcomers get started with SamCart.

Meet Dr. Leslie Lewis, PhD, CMH. She’s a clinical master Herbalist with a Ph.D in Spiritual Philosophy and Metaphysics and according to her Instagram , an “Expert Level Hugger”.

She’s made a career leading retreats, teaching meditation and general wellness strategies to celebrity clients, corporate CEOs and elementary schools in glamorous locations all over the world.

“And then 2020 happened.”

Stop us if you’ve heard this before.

When COVID hit the US in March 2020, Leslie’s in-person business was in trouble. “The need grew, but the accessibility and availability really shrank to be able to meet in person. I know that I needed to pivot my business model, and I had no idea where to begin.”

Thankfully, Leslie possesses the entrepreneurial spirit which comes with the ability to get up after being knocked down.

Finding the Right Tools for Online Success

Leslie needed a solution. She had limited success with ClickFunnels and other programs to help her take her business online. She started seeing SamCart ads pop up on her feed, but she was hesitant to click any of them. She’s been disappointed by other services, so her hesitancy is totally understandable. Lucky for us, she took the leap and decided to give SamCart a try.

Leslie grabbed a special bundle offer for SamCart’s Launch plan. That also included a bunch of bonus training on how to sell her services from one simple page.

“Ever since that day things have totally changed.”

SamCart helped give Leslie the tools to take her in-person services, and start turning them into digital products and courses she could sell to anyone around the globe. SamCart even helped Leslie sell spots in her most expensive online course, an 8-week training that costs $1,500!

“My audience has grown. My reach has grown.”

Eventually, Leslie moved up to SamCart’s Grow plan and was able to get 63% more sales using our Order Bumps feature.

Order Bumps are ideal for growing AOV. Think of them like the candy bars or packs of bubble gum next to the register at the supermarket. They’re designed to be easy to grab; throw on the conveyor belt, and add to a shopper’s purchase without them needing to give it much thought. They work best when they’re cheap, provide obvious benefits.

This one feature made it simple for Leslie’s customers to add more products to their order, and that’s exactly what they did! To see Leslie knock it out the park with that 63% rise in sales is incredible. We’ve seen people who have tripled and quadrupled their average order value just by adding a simple Order Bump.

“I’ve been able to really see a difference and to really be able to create content, first of all, that saves me time and gives me my life back. I’m able to get back in the garden, and do the things that I love to do while this evergreen content is out there and is attracting new clients and is really having the reach that I was hoping to have.”

How To Keep Selling Simple

Leslie is a master in her field of teaching wellness, but selling her expertise was new to her.

“I didn’t understand any of that until I took the Masterclass.”

The 1-Page Masterclass helped Leslie take her expertise, and connect with her core audience from her homebase in Utah. She’s been able to fuel her purpose with SamCart.

Armed with SamCart, Leslie had no problem creating digital products that her audience absolutely loved. They boosted her conversions. Her herbal bath recipes were an unexpected hit as bonus downloads.

“The bonus download, which is a concept I got completely from you guys. … That took me a grand total of like half an afternoon to put together.”

It’s really easy to disregard some of the things we use regularly, and fail to realize how they can increase sales; have a positive effect, and increase social proof. You can monetize your routine.

“These are like the herbal bath recipes that I use on a weekly basis. I was like, ‘Oh, let me drop these in,’ and people loved this! I was just thrilled that people were getting value from these little tips and tricks and ideas that I use all the time that seemed like kind of nothing to me really, but by putting it together the way you guys recommended. I’ve seen my sales go up, and I’ve seen a lot of comments.” 

Finding Profit From Digital Dust

We all have files collecting digital dust. Use them!

Leslie realized that she had audio files on her phone and her computer that she could repurpose as meaningful content. She learned how to get the most out of them via the 1-Page Masterclass and our Facebook group.

“The guided meditation audios, there’s four of those, and those are recordings I’ve had on my phone from old retreats. I didn’t recreate the wheel here. These are things that I either had on my computer or had sitting around. I redesigned them using some of the resources that were recommended in the group and then stacked them exactly the way you guys said.”

People love even the tiniest bonuses. Having a simple, free download lets people into your world and you into theirs with no risk. They get to experience your products or services, and if they like the experience, they’ll most likely remember that, and come back for more, and spend money next time. 

Those bonus downloads are the easiest way to create a new relationship. They sweeten the deal. Going to a new ice cream shop and getting a small bowl of plain ice cream is sweet. It’s much sweeter if the shop owner says you can get sprinkles, hot fudge whip cream and a cherry on top for free since it’s your first time in the store. It makes for a good first impression, and creates a great memory. Now that you’ve saved money with those free toppings, that medium-sized bowl of ice cream, or that chocolate chip cookie next to the register (Order Bump) is looking much better than it did a minute ago.

The other great thing about these bonuses is that you determine how you want to use them. Do you want to give them away for free to create awareness via Facebook ads? Do you want them to be free for a limited time? Do you prefer to make them Order Bumps to max out your profits? You’re in control.

Establish Your Expertise

It can be difficult to prove yourself without tons of reviews. Leslie was able to use different resources to highlight benefits of her expertise and what her products and services can do for people by pulling from different places like journal articles showcasing benefits of utilizing products and services like hers and conversations with colleagues to create her story. 

With SamCart she gained a whole new way to think about how to establish credibility. 

“Another recommendation that I got from you guys is to look for the word ‘experts in the field’ or studies that have been done. Show some social proof even if it’s not for your specific product but for what your product can do for people and so that’s where I brought that in.” 

Attacking that issue from a different angle allowed Leslie to showcase why people like her and her products and services are important and made it possible for her to gain enough trust for people to buy from her.

Perfection is the Enemy

Time in the market beats timing the market. It’s hard to make an impact from the sideline. Leslie got in the game and is constantly making adjustments, a strategy we recommend.

“This was so easy to do. I got it up and running and then tested and continued to tweak, and make changes as needed, and I really, really love that it didn’t have to be 100% all-the-way perfect. I still consider it a work-in-progress. Although, I’m converting well enough that I’m not messing with it too much.”  

Find Your Tribe

If you’re not sure how to get the word out about your business, start in one place, and see how that works first. Then see if you need to go through other channels.

“Right now the only thing I’m really doing is paid Facebook ads, and I was doing that, because out of the class recommendations it was the easiest option. It was the one that was the most accessible to me, and so that’s what I’ve been using. It was super simple to set up. I watched maybe one additional YouTube video about it and that’s all I’m doing.”

What Better Time Than Now

People who wait for the perfect time to do something never do anything. Remember, Leslie got started on SamCart during the pandemic under “less-than-ideal” conditions, to put it nicely. Leslie approached SamCart with a try-it-and-see attitude. 

It’s really easy to overthink things, and suffer from paralysis by analysis, wondering if something may work and failing to make any move at all due to fear. There is one thing we can guarantee will happen to anyone who stands still.


Before coming over to SamCart, Leslie tried other services but wasn’t seeing the results she wanted and took action.

“I was like, ‘You know what? The time is going to pass. This will take me maybe a couple weeks, a month. The time is going to pass anyway. At the end of it, either I’m going to know for certain that this was a good decision, or I’ll still be wondering. I’m so glad that I just pushed the button. Just try it and see.” 

Sell More, Easier Than Ever

Selling your own digital products and services should be simple. See how Leslie, and thousands of other business owners like her, are simplifying how they sell and unlocking more profit in the process. Head over the SamCart pricing page, and get your own account for free. 

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