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[New Feature] You SURE You Want That?

New Features

Keep your customers happy, protects your business from chargebacks, and avoid stat confusion with SamCart’s newest feature.

It’s called, Upsell Confirmation. Check out this two minute video to see how it works…

How One Click Upsells Can Go Wrong

Isn’t it an AWESOME feeling when someone takes your upsell?

Whoo hoo! It’s all party hats and horns and dancing in the street, until….you find out that your customer didn’t actually mean to buy your upsell product.

Then you’ve got to deal with charge backs. Screwed up stats. And a really confused, unhappy customer.

If your offer one click upsells, you know this story. It ends with a perfectly happy new customer doing a complete 180, leaving fuming mad, sharing their poor experience with anyone who will listen.

Which is exactly what SamCart’s newest feature is designed to protect you from.

Goodbye, Buyer’s Remorse

With one click of a button, you can now turn on Upsell Confirmation inside of every SamCart account.

SamCart Upsell Confirmation

Turn on Upsell Confirmation, and you will avoid unintentional upsell purchases forever.

When this feature is on, your customers will be asked to confirm their upsell purchase before their credit card is charged. Goodbye buyer’s remorse, hello thrilled new customers.

SamCart One Click Upsell Confirmation Example

Upsell Confirmation is now available inside of every SamCart account. Head into your upsell settings to activate this new feature right now.

Stay on great terms with your payment processor by eliminating chargebacks. Keep your stats in order. Keep all your best new customers perfectly happy. All with this one simple new feature from SamCart.

Get Started With SamCart

Start confirming your one click upsell purchases, and protecting your business from chargebacks today. Open up a free trial to SamCart, and see the difference that a simple, effective tool will make in your business.

Visit, and grab your free trial today! Just click the link below and start your free trial now.

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