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9 New SamCart Updates Released in January

New Features

It’s been a while since our last update post, but a lot has changed at SamCart over the past few months! We opened a new office in Austin, Texas, expanded our team, and have been gearing up for the most exciting launch in SamCart history (we’ll touch on that more in the coming months).

We also released a batch of new features that greatly improve the SamCart user experience. These updates focus on speed, customization, and significantly enhanced business automation functionality. Let’s dig into these features below…

1. The Integration Engine

SamCart’s new Integration Engine completely revamps the way SamCart handles integrations. It’s now easier than ever to connect your SamCart Marketplace to the applications that your business relies on.

With the Integration Engine, you can trigger your own custom actions anytime different events happen in your SamCart Marketplace. Trigger integrations anytime a SamCart product is purchased or refunded, a subscription is canceled, has a successful charge, or goes delinquent.

The SamCart Integration Engine puts you in control! Automate more of your most important tasks so that you can get better results from all the tools you need to run your business while winning back hours of your week!

The Integration Engine doesn’t just work at the product level. With the new introduction of Global Rules, you can create integration rules that are triggered by all your SamCart Products. 

Your SamCart Marketplace now keeps full Logs of every Integration Rule that fires. So the next time you’re struggling to find out where that customer’s email went after their new order, you can just login to SamCart and check your Integration Logs to see the exact order of events for any customer.

Perhaps most importantly, the Integration Engine enables you to connect to multiple instances of the same application. For example, if you have two WishList Member websites, you can now connect your SamCart Marketplace to both! Giving you even more flexibility to automate your most important workflows.

SamCart's Integration Engine
Manage your Integrations, Create Global Rules, and view your Logs, all from a single screen!

Make sure you dive into the new SamCart Integration Engine, and re-integrate with your favorite tools for delivering online courses, managing your email list, marketing automation, and more.

2. Thinkific Integration

Thinkific is one of the most popular and powerful tools for delivering online courses. We’re ecstatic to announce that Thinkific has been added to the growing list of SamCart Integrations

Use the Integration Engine to automatically enroll your customers into your Thinkific Courses and Bundles. So everyone get instant access to exactly what they purchased, without you having to lift a finger. You can even have SamCart automatically remove access in Thinkific if a customer ever decides to cancel their order! So your premium content is always fully protected.

SamCart Thinkific Integration

Everyone has access to exactly what they need, every time. This integration saves you time and keeps you focused on what you do best, creating outstanding courses and marketing them to the world! 

3. Checkout Delays

Have you ever seen a YouTuber point to a location on the screen at the exact moment a clickable button appears just above their finger? This sort of customized “Call to Action” is a remarkably effective strategy for getting your visitors to take action.

Well with SamCart’s new Checkout Delay feature, you can mimic that same effect to convert more visitors into paying customers! 

Checkout Delays allow you to hide your SamCart page’s checkout forms (Billing Address, Shipping Address, the Buy Button, etc.) for a predetermined amount of time.  So the second you mention them in your sales video, the checkout forms will appear!

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4. Kajabi Integration Improvements

When we released our Kajabi integration last June, it became one of our most popular almost overnight. SamCart customers love automatically enrolling customers into their Kajabi courses. And the new Integration Engine makes managing our customers’ access even easier!

Since then, we’ve collected a ton of insightful customer feedback on how to improve the integration. As of today, SamCart will fetch Offers and Lists from all of your Kajabi sites, not just the “primary” one. So if you’re one of those power users with multiple Kajabi sites, this update means you can managing all of your sites from a single SamCart Marketplace. A huge time saver.

5. Improved Zapier Functionality

If SamCart doesn’t integrate natively with the application of your choice, Zapier most likely has you covered. To better accommodate our users in their endless quest for automation, SamCart now passes “subscription_id” and “charge_id” to Zapier, which is something that’s been highly requested for quite a while.

This sounds like a small update, but it’s a big deal for those who rely on this information to properly automate their business. 

Need some inspiration for how to get the most out of SamCart’s Zapier integration? Check out our 7 Favorite Zapier Automations for SamCart!

6. Reporting Speed Enhancements

Sitting down the morning after a big launch is an exciting time! You want to open up your computer and jump into your SamCart Dashboard to see how the launch is performing. We know that nothing kills the buzz of success like waiting for reports to populate.

So we implemented another round of changes to speed up how quickly SamCart’s Reports and Analytics load. So even if you have thousands of transactions to look through, SamCart can deliver you the numbers you need at warp speed.

Most notably, we tweaked the Customers Report to better accommodate big date-range requests (which can include thousands of customers!). This report was known to time-out for some of our…ahem….larger marketplaces. With these most recent speed updates, now even the biggest reports load huge amounts of data almost instantly!

7. Page Load Speed Improvements

In the era of mobile shopping, lightweight pages that load quickly are absolutely critical. SamCart pages have always been lightweight and fast, but our team recently pushed a number of “under-the-hood” enhancements that boost page loads by 20% to 30% on average. These improvements are particularly noticeable on mobile browsers.

We take a ton of pride in having the fastest pages on the web, and we’ve put new systems in place to continually help us stay on top of this goal as we add more functionality and features to SamCart.

8. New Conversion Pixel Macros

Are you running Facebook Ads? Tracking conversions with Google? Well, you know that data is king. The more information you can pass back to Facebook, Google, or whatever other tracking tools you might be using…the better your campaigns will perform.

So we have a new addition to SamCart’s Smart Conversion Tracking feature…

You can now pass detailed customer and order data along to your third-party tracking tool of choice! We created a number of macros that can be added to conversion pixels. So let’s say you are using SamCart’s Pay What You Want Pricing, and you want to make sure you are passing exactly what your customer paid back to your Facebook Ads account…

Well now, you can use one of these new Macros (##product_price##, to be exact!) to tell Facebook exactly how much that sale was worth to you. Use these new macros to send back the customer’s name, order totals, shipping & handling costs, currency, and more! See our Smart Conversion Tracking Pixel help article for more on these Macros.

9. A Bunch of Other Cool Stuff

In addition to some of these larger features, we also released a number of smaller quality of life updates that make your day to day workflow in SamCart more streamlined than ever before! Over the past we months we:

    • -Added Quantity as a default field in all SamCart Order Receipt Emails.
    • -Added the ability for you to customize the text that is sent out in the update credit card email.
    • -Added “Payment Source” to the Activity > Subscriptions export.
    • -Added date pickers to all of the Product Details tables.
    • -Released an oAuth service that allows customers to connect to applications in the Integration Engine via their Username and Password, instead of manually retrieving authorization keys. So far Constant Contact, Drip, Get Response, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, MailChimp support oAuth.

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