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How Tucker Max Sells His Editing Service on SamCart


Tucker Max & his company, Scribe Media, launched a brand new book editing service offering this week using a SamCart sales page. Their plan was simple: quickly bring a brand new, lower-priced offer to market.

The entire launch centered around exactly one page. And this is the page they created with SamCart to do it…

Tucker Max sells publishing service on SamCart sales page

Scribe Media helps authors write, publish, and even promote their own hardcover books. Their services range from $10,000 to more than $100,000, where every new potential customer goes through at least one consult call with a sales person before a deal was closed.

That can take a lot of time, energy, and manpower! So they set out to find another way, which led them right to SamCart. What we are about to show you is the beautiful sales page Scribe Media built using the SamCart Content Builder, and how it helped them bring in 5-figures in sales on their first day promoting this brand new offer!

SamCart content builder builds beautiful sales pages
Scribe Media built this sales page with the new drag + drop SamCart content builder.

Let’s break down how they did it, and how you create your own winning sales page using the SamCart content builder…

Showcase The Product

This beautiful sales page kicks off by showcasing this brand new offer. This offer, “Scribe Writer’s Room”, was unlike anything Scribe Media had ever offered before. So right off the bat, Scribe is introducing this new offer by name.

SamCart sales page starts with showcasing the product

Inside of the SamCart content builder, the team picked a two column layout so they could drop in a beautiful product image on the right, and leave room for the headline, countdown, text, and their first call to action button.

And a big shoutout to their use of the background image here! The purple highlight + grey background was uploaded as a background for this section, and it does a killer job of drawing attention right away.

Tell Them What’s Included

Scroll past the product introduction, and you will see what Scribe includes with this brand new offer. They kick off this section with a simple headline, followed by a text paragraph.

Then, it’s back to the two column layout, with some custom images on the left, and bullet points on the right to get into the nitty gritty of what new customers will receive.

The images on the left, and the custom bullet points on the right give the entire sales page a cohesive look and feel. The whole sales page fits in perfectly with the entire Scribe Media brand.

The next section introduces the two payment options Scribe put together for this special offer. Offering this “Premium Package” is a great way for Scribe Media to boost their average customer value! Not every customer will be ready to jump up to the higher price, but the chunk of them that are will mean huge boosts in the revenue this sales page will bring in.

Not to mention that offering payment options to your online checkout is proven to list conversions by +17%.

Outlining this offer comes to life by using a two column layout, another custom background for the section, customized bullet points, and SamCart’s quick-scroll buttons!

Guarantee The Purchase

After some quick testimonials (made with the “Testimonial” widget inside of the SamCart content builder) and an introduction to the co-founder of Scribe Media, Tucker Max, we come to the guarantee.

Their guarantee is simple, and the design is on point. A simple headline, upload another image, and another headline with a background color. That’s it!

Anyone who follows SamCart knows that including a guarantee is a must for any offer. Adding a guarantee to your own sales page increases conversions by over 21%. And, the longer/stronger your guarantee, the higher those conversions go.

One SamCart customer increased conversions by +81% after taking their guarantee out to full 90-days! Use our content builder to create whatever guarantee you need to take away the risk your visitors are feeling.

Answer Big Objections

As you inch closer to the finish line, you will come across my favorite section of this entire sales page. Hats off Team Scribe! This FAQ section is built to do one thing: destroy big objections.

Using the SamCart FAQ widget (and adding their own color in there for a custom branding touch), the Scribe Media team is zeroing in on the big reasons their visitors don’t buy.

Every FAQ you add to your own sales page should be aimed at a big objection. Who are you? Will I have help? What if I’m not happy? Use the FAQ widget to go right after your audience’s big objections, and convert more visitors into customers.

Close The Sale

And finally, we’ve arrived at the Main Event. SamCart’s bread and butter is simplifying your checkout flow, maximizing what every customer is worth, and helping you run the entire backend of your business with ease.

One of the biggest callouts to make here is how short + sweet this checkout section actually is! Scribe is not collecting any unnecessary data, and their conversions will take a rise because of it.

The SamCart Database tells us that shortening your checkout fields can boost your conversions by 35.1%! Only thing left to do here would be to tack on Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay so customers can skip entering their credit card info.

Shortening online checkout boosts conversion by 35 percent

They are also presenting their customers with both payment options! With SamCart, their customers can simply choose which package they would like to buy with a single click.

We’ve already touched on how payment options give your conversions a boost, but remember in this case, Scribe Media is also using their payment option to make more money up front.

Start Selling From One Page

Creating winning sales pages gets easier every day with SamCart. Tucker Max and his team at Scribe Media did 5-figures in sales of a brand new service offering, with nothing but this SamCart sales page, and some emails.

They successfully eliminated the need for a sales call, and have introduced a whole new offer to their audience in record time. Think you could do the same?

Ya, we think so too.

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