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Automatically Enroll Teachable Students From SamCart


Are you looking for a way to automatically enroll new students into your Teachable course?

Well look no further. In this post, you will discover exactly how you to connect SamCart to Teachable. These two tools don’t have a direct integration, but never fear, Zapier is here.

Let’s go to the video, and you can see exactly how to set this up…

Auto-Enroll Into Teachable

Make sure your new students get immediate access to everything they purchase, without ever lifting a finger. Use this quick automation between SamCart & Teachable to enroll your students into a Teachable course directly from a SamCart checkout page.

Here’s everything you need…

  1. SamCart
  2. Zapier
  3. Teachable (Note: Teachable requires a Premium plan or higher for their Zapier integration)
Auto Enroll Teachable Students From SamCart

First thing is to connect both SamCart and Teachable to Zapier. If you need help with that step, here’s how you connect SamCart to Zapier. And here is how you connect Teachable to Zapier.

Now go create a product in SamCart. As an example, we’ll use a SamCart product titled, “Teachable Test”. You’ll need to remember the title of the product later on.

And one last thing, create at least one course inside of Teachable. Once those quick items are done, we’re moving on.

Customize Your 3-Step Zap

98.7% of this setup is done inside of Zapier. Maybe more now that I think about it…

Zapier helps you create different automation rules (they call them “Zaps”), so you can connect two tools that don’t play nicely together on their own.

Your zap will have three steps to it.

The SamCart Trigger Event

Step #1 is to select a “Trigger Event” for when a new order is placed in SamCart.

SamCart Zapier New Order Trigger

This tells Zapier to listen for when a new order is placed in SamCart. When a new order happens, Zapier will spring into action.

The Zapier Filter

Next, you will use Zapier Utilities to create a filter.

A zapier filter allows you to set rules so that your Zap only runs if the new SamCart order meets certain criteria.

SamCart Teachable Zapier Filter

After all, you wouldn’t want to run this zap for just any SamCart order, right? You want to be specific, and run zaps when specific products have been purchased.

In your filter settings, you will tell zapier to only run this zap when the SamCart Product Name contains the name of your product.

SamCart Teachable Zapier Filter Settings

Remember, that last text box says “Teachable” because my example product in SamCart was titled “Teachable Test”. I only have one product with the word “Teachable” in the title, so this filter will only run if that product is purchased.

If your product is called “Scott’s Silly String”, then you would enter Silly String into that last box.

Once your filter is setup, Zapier will know to only run this zap when a new SamCart order is placed for a product with the word “Teachable” in the title.

Now we’re getting specific.

Auto-Enroll Into Teachable

Last but not least, the final step of your Zap is to select a Teachable action.

The action you want is titled, “Enroll User in Course”.

SamCart Teachable Enroll In Course

All you have to do is select the course you want to enroll customers into. Just select which course from a dropdown menu. Super simple.

SamCart Teachable Zapier Select Course

Finally, map the customer’s email and name fields from the SamCart order to the correct spots in this action.

Sounds complicated, but it’s super easy. Just check out the gif from below…

SamCart Zapier Teachable Map Fields

All you are doing is telling Zapier what information from the SamCart order contains the customer’s email and name. They make it super easy.

After you finish this step, turn your zap on! You’re ready to go.

Simplify Your Business, Improve Your Life

Your new customers will absolutely love buying from you. You will completely cut customer support issues out of your business. All of your content will stay perfectly protected.

You can repeat this process for as many products as you would like! You can even use Zapier to remove students from courses if they decide to cancel their purchase in SamCart.

If you’re using Teachable, make sure you automate your enrollments through SamCart. Use SamCart to easily create beautiful checkout pages with coupons, one-click upsells, order bumps, in-depth stats, and more.

And continue using for the beautiful courses you can create and deliver, even easier with SamCart.

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