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8 New Things To Hit SamCart In April

April was a busy month! Game of Thrones is back, Avengers: Endgame is out…

Ok but seriously, April was another new record month, with SamCart users setting another new record high in sales! Here in the SamCart Office, we have been busy rolling out a bunch of new features to help SamCart users sell more products + win back hours of their own time in the process.

Here’s a quick sample of the new stuff that hit SamCart in April!

1: Pre-Applied Coupons

Boost your conversion rate by dropping your visitors onto a SamCart page with a discount already applied to their order.

Automatically apply SamCart coupon to your checkout page

One little addition to your checkout URLs, and you can send anyone to place their order with their discount already built in. Place links to pre-discounted checkouts in your email follow-ups, in your private Member’s Area, share them on social media, and more!

2: Future Subscription Revenue Report

Want to get a better handle on when you can expect your subscription revenue to hit your bank account? Well SamCart’s newest report is exactly what you need…

SamCart Report Provides Future Subscription Revenue Numbers

Take control of your own business. Make informed decisions by understanding exactly when your recurring sales will be rolling in with the new Future Subscription Report.

This report covers monthly subscriptions, yearly subscriptions, payment plans, and both free trials + paid trials. If you are collecting recurring sales, this report is a treasure map to your sales.

3: Pay What You Want Pricing

Want to get more customers “in the door”? Then make sure you check out our post from earlier in April, “4 Pay What You Want Strategies To Boost Customer Acquisition“.

Display a suggested price when using Pay What You Want Pricing on SamCart

You’ve likely already heard about this new pricing hack, and know exactly why you should test Pay What You Want for your next promotion.

But if you would like a refresh, make sure you check out that blog post we linked to above and get a full breakdown of what this powerful feature can do for your customer acquisition.

4: Customize Digital Download Expiration

Do you use SamCart’s Digital File Delivery to get your digital products to your customers? If you’re sending files to your customers, you can now customize how long that digital file download link will remain active.

You can protect your content by having your customers’ download links expire after 24 hours. Or offer unlimited downloads by removing the download link’s expiration altogether.

This expiration can also be different from one product to another! So you are in complete control.

See a live Demo of SamCart

5: Instantly Deliver 1 Gigabyte Digital Files

Sending really big files to your customers? Well you can now use SamCart’s built-in Digital File Delivery to instantly send up to 1 Gigabyte of artwork, videos, podcasts, voice memos, PDFs, graphics, photographs, and everything in between.

SamCart even protects your files from being shared + downloaded around the web. So your premium content is always protected.

Get rid of your Membership Software. Keep things simple by using SamCart’s Digital File Delivery, now with even more legroom.

6: Archive Products

Want to keep your Dashboard clean? Archive older products that you’re not using anymore! One click and POOF.

Which reminds me…how good was Endgame?! Awesome movie.

SamCart frees you up to create unlimited products, one click upsells, subscriptions, free trials, payment plans, pricing tiers, order bumps, and more.

So naturally, things can get a little cluttered in your Dashboard. Use this quick little update to keep things nice and clean, so you have even more time and energy to focus back into growing your business.

But don’t worry, all your past customers, reports, sales numbers, conversion rates, etc. are all still there for you anytime.

7: We Need More Data

SamCart now sends every scrap of data that you could ever want over to Stripe. So for anyone using Stripe for their payment processing, you now have access to even more information about who your customer is, what product(s) they bought, how much they spent, their lifetime value, and more.

This is particularly helpful for integrating Stripe with accounting tools like Quickbooks or Xero, running custom reports directly inside of Stripe, or integrating your Stripe account with other third party tools.

More data means more freedom. And that’s exactly what SamCart is providing here.

8: Record Customer Comments

Ever wanted to remember which customer had that one problem that one time? Or need to remind your support team that a specific customer was given an extra 30 days on their trial period?

Well now you can drop a comment onto any SamCart customer! Dive right into your Customer tab, and add a comment to any customer record in your account.

Record a comment on a SamCart Customer

Comments are saved, along with the date, so you and your team can always remember the important stuff you need to provide top-shelf customer service.

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Find out why by checking out this live demo of SamCart today! Click below, and jump right into a SamCart account and see how this simple tool is helping thousands of business owners save time, capture more customers, and sell more products than ever.

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