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5 New SamCart Updates Released in July

New Features

This month’s SamCart updates are all about quality of life. July is a time for slowing down and self-reflection, and that’s exactly what our team did. Instead of adding on huge new features, we focused on user pain-points, optimizing the user experience, and implementing ways to make managing your Products, Customers, and Affiliates a lot easier.

Let’s walk through what’s new in your SamCart Dashboard…

1. Scheduled Cancellations

Don’t want to cancel your customer’s subscription right now? Let SamCart schedule exactly when to cancel for you!

Use new Scheduled Cancellations to let your customer enjoy the benefits of your membership, software, etc. for the remainder of their billing cycle. Or choose your own date in the future, and SamCart will take care of cancelling their billing automatically.

Up until now, if you wanted to cancel a customer’s subscription without immediately revoking access to your products, you’d need to set a calendar reminder to cancel your customers before a certain date. This lead to missed cancellations, higher refunds, and more low-value customer service interactions.

Scheduled Cancellations allows you to choose whether you’d like to cancel a subscription immediately, at the end of its billing period, or on a specific date. No more early morning alarms reminding you to cancel a subscription!

Choose exactly when you want to cancel your customer’s subscription!

Partner this with the new Self Cancellation feature released last month, and your customers have the option to cancel their own subscription immediately, or at the end of their billing cycle.

2. Internal Product Names

If you have product variations, upsells, payment plans, or just a lot of products, you know how easy it is to end up with a cluttered Products page. Internal Product Names are here to help!

This SamCart update allows you to use one Product Name on your checkout pages, and another Product Name inside of your SamCart Dashboard. Your customers see the Product Name field, and you see the Internal Product Name (almost) everywhere else.

The Internal Product Name will appear on your Products Page, Charges Report, Prospects Report, Refunds, Dunning Report, and Subscription Report tables.

Internal Product Name Field Update
Keep your SamCart Dashboard organized with the Internal Product Name field.

3. Save Your Dates

SamCart now saves your settings as you move from page to page inside your dashboard. So when you scroll through a few pages of your Orders table, and then view a single order, your won’t be sent back to Page 1!

Or if you want to see all of your orders from last month, SamCart will save your date range for you as you move around the dashboard, so you don’t waste time choosing the same date range over…and over…and over…

We know how painful it can be to not have your date ranges move with you from page to page. Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past with saved date ranges! SamCart now saves your filter, date range, and pagination states when looking at tables and moving to another page.

SamCart remembers your chosen date range as you move from page to page
SamCart now remembers where you were in your Dashboard!

4. Affiliate Links in the Payout Table

Ever wanted to see exactly what transactions your affiliate was paid for? Now you can!

Visit the “Payouts” section for any of your affiliates, and click on the Payout ID to see every transactions that was included in that payout. These links point to a table which will show you all the individual charges, subscription charges, refunds, etc. that make up the Affiliate’s payout.

See what transactions your SamCart Affiliate Payout includes
Click the blue Payout ID to see which transactions are included in the Payout.

Every Affiliate has different strengths when it comes to promoting your brand, and easily gauging which Affiliates are having success with which SamCart Products helps you create better promotional content for them.

5. “Paid” Status in Affiliate Ledgers

While we’re on the topic of managing and tracking Affiliates, we added a “Status” on your Affiliate Ledger that tells you wether a transaction is Available, Pending, or Paid.

This simple column saves you a ton of clicks in your SamCart Dashboard and helps you quickly answer questions from Affiliates regarding what commissions they’re owed.

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