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18 Simple New SamCart Features That Will Increase Your Sales

New Features

2016 has been a busy year in the SamCart office!

We have been on a mission to continue making SamCart the easiest, most powerful shopping cart tool on the planet. Everything we do follows a simple motto…

“Technology should help your business, not hurt it.”

– Us

And our thriving crowd of customers agrees! SamCart has been growing like crazy, and we are busting our tails to keep innovating. We want to continue pushing the envelope when it comes to creating simple tools that make you more money, with less work.

So with that said, it’s time for a big crowd favorite! A blog post recapping what has been going on inside of SamCart over the past few months.

Our growing team is always working on your behalf. As a SamCart user, you can’t see 50%+ of what our team creates. It’s behind the scenes, making SamCart harder, better, faster, stronger.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

But those changes are no fun to talk about. So let’s focus on the big-ticket items everyone can see.

Here are 18 new features that have been released here in 2016! With a few bonus items so you can see what is coming next.

[Warning] Superfluous amount of GIFs coming your way.

1) Sell More With Order Bumps

Just like McDonald’s asking, “Would you like fries with that?”, you can use Order Bumps on your checkout pages to allow your customers to add additional products to their order before checking out.

Offering an Order Bump is a great way to increase average customer value.

Let’s say you have 10 customers buying a $10 product. That’s $100 in revenue, tops. Add in a $25 order bump that 20% of your customers add to their order, and your revenue just bumped up to $150 from the exact same customers!

SamCart Order Bump Demo

Unlike other tools, creating an Order Bump in SamCart is as simple as selecting an option from a drop-down menu.

Making extra sales doesn’t get any easier than that.

2) Increase Backend Sales Using Any Card On File

Your biggest source of extra revenue is your existing customers.

Getting your existing customers to purchase more products from you will change your business. And with SamCart’s new “Add to Order” button, you can make selling more to existing customers easier than ever.

With a single button, you can add extra products to a customer’s existing order using the card (or PayPal account!) they have on file.


So wether you are selling tickets to a Live Event, 1-on-1 coaching, or anything in between, absolutely anyone can easily close an additional sale without your customer ever needing to re-enter their payment information.

3) Multiple Payment Options Increase Conversions

Increase your conversion rate by offering multiple payment options on all of your checkout pages.

Ever tried to make this happen with other order forms? What used to take a chunk of cash paid out to some outsourced tech guy can now be done from a single drop-down menu.

SamCart Multiple Payment Options

A simple feature, partnered with SamCart’s beautiful design, creates a whole new opportunity for you to capture more sales.

Offer an upgraded pricing tier, break up payments into monthly installments, or anything in between. A second payment option puts you in control of grabbing more customers.

4) Subscription Saver Protects Your Recurring Sales

With Subscription Saver by SamCart, keep your recurring income safe from credit card failures!

Subscription Saver is working around the clock to save any subscription from failed payments. SamCart automatically emails your customers a secure link where they can update their credit card info right from their email inbox.

[Click the image below to play the demo GIF]


Subscription Saver has recovered over $50,000+ in recurring income for SamCart users. Protect your recurring income by switching to SamCart today.

5 & 6) ConvertKit & Maropost Integrations

Two of the fastest growing email marketing tools now work with SamCart’s powerful integration settings. Every time a customer purchases your SamCart product, all of their information is automatically passed into your ConvertKit or Maropost account.

But much more than that, you can keep your lists perfectly clean and segmented  by seamlessly adding and removing ConvertKit tags when any of your SamCart products is purchased.

SamCart ConvertKit Maropost Integration

With new tools like ConvertKit and Maropost, we get emails every day from users who are ditching overly complicated tools like InfusionSoft or Ontraport. They favor the simplicity of SamCart, and still get to tag and segment their subscribers with these new email marketing tools.

7) Deeper Customization To Match Your Brand

SamCart checkout templates can now reflect your branding even better, while still converting lightyears ahead of outdated order forms like PayPal, 1ShoppingCart, or InfusionSoft.

Add your company colors to the header, footer, background, etc. on your favorite SamCart template with just a few clicks. Or even paste in a hex code, if that’s what you’re in to.

SamCart Template Color Customization

8) New Knowledgebase For Quick Answers

SamCart takes a lot of powerful features, and makes them simple enough that anyone can use them. But occasionally, you might have questions. We get it!SamCart Support Knowledgebase

So while our tool is dead-simple, we take a ton of pride in offering first rate support. Our support team are all directly in our office every day, dedicated to making SamCart Support as great as possible.

A recent addition that has earned rave reviews, is our brand new Knowledgebase. With predicative search, a ton of great video tutorials, and quick access to the answers you need, SamCart customers get their questions answers and get back to work quicker than anyone else around.

9) One Account, Multiple Logos

Here’s one feature born directly from our Feature Request area!

You spoke, and we listened. You can now have different company logos on each of your SamCart checkout pages.

SamCart Marketplace Logo

So if you’re using your SamCart account for multiple clients, selling products for multiple brands, etc. you now have even more control over the look and feel of each checkout page.

And did we mention that changing logos is dead simple?

10) The Library & Bonus Training

Anyone who has been paying attention lately has noticed the brand new SamCart Library.

Click the “Library” button inside of your dashboard to be taken immediately into this brand new area where you can go deep into learning how SamCart works, how to sell more stuff online, and more!Library

Watch your bonus trainings (free with every SamCart account), upgrade to unlock premium courses, and even purchase related products to help you sell more products to more people.

All using the card you already have on file.

11) Physical Product Support

SamCart officially supports Physical Products!

Toggle any product to “Physical”, and open up a whole host of additional features specifically aimed at helping physical product sellers reclaim their time with the simplicity of SamCart.

SamCart Physical Product Settings

We are extremely excited to have so many physical product sellers making the switch to SamCart, and have much more coming in the way of physical product features in the coming months.

12) Simple Shipping & Handling

You can now charge variable shipping & handling charges based on where your customers are located.

Easily charge flat rate fees based on your customer’s country. Use pre-loaded “zones” to quickly set flat rates without having to create settings for each country on the planet.

[Click on the image below to play the demo GIF]


Set one rate for customers in the US. A second rate for Canadian. A third for European Union customers. And on and on it goes. No wasted time, no overly complicated features. Just a lightweight tool that gets the job done so you can get back to growing your business!

13) Higher Volume With Quantities At Checkout

Give your customers the option to purchase multiple items and increase your average customer value.

Turn on quantities, and SamCart will automatically take care of tallying the order total (along with shipping), so your customers can customize their order while you collect more revenue.

SamCart Order Quantities

14) Uncover Your True Conversion Stats

Want to know exactly how your checkout pages are converting? Want to see how your customers are choosing to pay you?

Take the guess work out of your business by getting access to the raw data you’ve never had before. Track exactly how your latest changes have increased your sales, and always stay on top of wether your checkout pages are converting in tip top shape.


15) Understand ROI With Subscription “Stick Rate”

Unlock the hidden potential of your subscriptions. Finally know exactly how long customers stay active in your subscriptions (aka “Stick Rate”), and reveal the true value of each subscription customer.

SamCart Subscription Stick Rate

With this simple chart, you get access to more information that has never been made available to you before. Use these numbers to tweak your pricing, truly understand your ROI on advertising, and more!

16) Credit Your Affiliates With Higher EPCs

Be 100% sure the correct affiliate receives credit for any SamCart order.

Use the simple drop-down found on any order to manually assign that order to any of your affiliates. Your affiliates will thank you when their EPCs are always as high as possible, and they keep coming back to promote your products again and again.

SamCart Manual Assign Affiliate Credit

17) The 5 Minute Marketing Podcast

We are about 6 weeks into this brand new podcast, and we’ve spent 5 of those weeks on the front page of iTunes!

Click the link below to check out how SamCart customers are diving even deeper with bite-sizes podcasts where I am free to go into marketing topics that help make you more sales.


A new resource for all SamCart customers, and non-customers alike! This podcast is rapidly getting more attention as it climbs the charts in iTunes Business podcasts.

Subscribe today, and let me send you my next 5-minute marketing lesson.

18) Clarity Through Pixel Tracking

If you’re serious about tracking which ad, which email, which link created real sales for your business, then you will be thrilled to be able to easily place pixel tracking onto any SamCart checkout or upsell page.

SamCart Pixel Tracking Embed

Copy and paste any tracking script or conversion pixel right onto your pages, and have SamCart work perfectly with your tracking setup. Always know where your sales are coming from, without ever having to involve a web developer for help getting your tracking setup.

19) Bonus Sneak Peek: The New Design

Brace yourselves, SamCart is getting a whole new look.

And this is far more than some new flashy design. This is the final push of months of work you CAN’T see, that will pay huge dividends for every SamCart customer!

  • Lightning fast loading speeds for checkout & upsell pages…
  • New checkout template designs faster than you can suggest them…
  • Ultra-quick checkout processing speeds so your customers fly through their order…
  • Even stronger reliability throughout the entire tool…
  • And more!

So take a look, and know that we are completely dedicated to making SamCart the world’s best shopping cart. And this will be a huge win for speed, ease of use, and powerful new features.

SamCart New Design DashboardSamCart New Design Template SamCart New Design Order Modal SamCart New Design Integrations

20) Bonus Sneak Peek: Multi-Language Support

Another feature straight out of the SamCart Feature Requests Area, we are in final testing of offering multi-language support on each SamCart checkout page!

Use a dropdown menu to select the language you wish to use, and your checkout pages are automatically translated for you.

Serve customers all over the world, and capture more sales while marketing to your audience in their own language. Easily switch back and forth whenever you see fit.

Set some checkout pages in English, some in Spanish, and others in Mandarin, all from the same SamCart account! You have the flexibility you need to sell more of your products, in less time.

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